Mystic Chests!

18 September 2019

Lords and Ladies!

Some brave spirits managed to get into the secret chamber owned by Night's Embrace and stole a heap of enchanted cloaks — precious artifacts, a defense against the mysterious Heroine's daggers as well as fall rains.

It is rumored that chests with cloaks, already upgraded to 6 and 7 stars, are somewhere at the Fair — if you know where to look ;). The chests are in such great demand that the store will last out in just a week. So if you were thinking about renewing your wardrobe, the time is now!

Hurry up to the Fair to get talents from the Hero’s Serenity subset!

Mystic Chests at the Fair!

For the whole week, until 12 p.m. (UTC+3) September 25, look for legendary chests at the Fair with 6–7* talents from the Hero’s Serenity collectible subset!


The chests will cost:

  • 70–100 Prime Crystals for a 6* chest;
  • 90–110 Prime Crystals for a 7* chest.

Protect yourself from both Night's Embrace and the rain!

Always yours,
Prime World Team