Update: Mysterious eclipse

17 September 2019

Lord and Ladies!

A breathless herald told you that an ineffable creature was drawing near your Castle. Cringing in fear, people made way for it but the monster showed no interest in them. With a goal in its mind, the monster is approaching your land and nothing can stop it.

The young herald says he saw with his own eyes what the creature was capable of. So the lad was sitting and minding his own business when several bulls with clubs decided to drive the monster away. The creature just grinned and waved its bony hand. Suddenly the world was plunged into darkness. It was no night but completely impenetrable, blinding darkness.

The boors looked up in the sky but there was no sun above...


Such a strange visitor requires some special preparations from your part. The archmages counsel you to study the creature's skills. For this, you need to guess the name of its astonishing ability. The books describe piles of various magic techniques but you need the one... Together you'll certainly find it faster!


Try your sixth sense and guess the name of the new Hero's ability. According to our tradition, the first five Lords or Ladies to guess the name will get the Hero for free the day he is released!

Please note!

  • You should send your answers till 8 p.m. (UTC+3) September 30 only in the comments section to this news!

May the luck help you...

Always yours,
Prime World team