Sinister Friday

13 September 2019

Lords and Ladies!

Friday the 13th is quite a special day. Common villagers simply rest at home and wait till it's over but Slayers go hunting aiming at those brave enough to plunge into battle. One might say Friday the 13th is their professional day.

On this occasion, Slayers are ready to charge fewer silver coins for their service — up to 13,000 Silver. They even bring their relatives to the Castle. What does it mean? All skins for Slayers are available for just 13 Gold!

Slayers sale

Only till 12 p.m. (UTC+3) September 16, hire Slayers for Silver and get a discount!

Eraser/ Assassin
13 000 Silver
13 000 Silver
Vryl / Nox
13 000 Silver
Faceless / Phantom
13 000 Silver
Doctrine / Demonologist
13 000 Silver
Arcane Wyrm / Dragonfly
13 000 Silver

Slayers' skin sale

For three whole days, buy skins for your favorite Slayers for just 13 Gold! Hurry up!

Hero: Luna
49 gold / 13 gold
Bold One
Hero: Eraser/ Assassin
99 gold / 13 gold
Hero: Demonologist
99 золота / 13 золота
Hero: Arcane Wyrm / Dragonfly
49 gold / 13 gold
Mystic Serpent / Ophidia
Hero: Arcane Wyrm / Dragonfly
99 gold / 13 gold
Anon / Avenger
Hero: Faceless / Phantom
69 gold / 13 gold

*and many more skins!

Thematic quest

And so all Slayers gathered together and made a bet on who defeats more enemies that wonderful day. Someone was even willing to pay for it. Missing the chance would be a downright sin, especially when there is a nice payment! The mysterious sponsor, however, charged you with a couple of other missions but you'll definitely handle them somehow along the way.

  Condition Rewards
  Raise 5 flags (max 3 per battle) in the Borderlands 13 Prime Crystals
  Deal 50k damage to Heroes in the Borderlands 1 day of Golden Age
  Collect 50k Prime in the Borderlands The Curse of Terror talent, upgraded to 7 stars
  Slay Kitton/Fire Drake 5 times (max 2 per battle) in the Borderlands One Legendary chest of the 9th set
   Kill 25 enemy Heroes in the Borderlands Three Summer Chests 

Let none survive!

Always yours,
Prime World Team