Pirate Chests!

11 September 2019


All hands on deck!

A ship sailed to the bay of your Castle. The captain, extravagant Gimpy Jack, follows a unique code of honor: he only attacks his own kind — pirates. Your people were about to get scared at first but quickly realized that the crew was not threatening them at all.

But before taking a hair of the dog that bit you, you have to earn for booze. That's why the pirates decided to sell off some of the treasures they found. The talents are of no use for them but will come in handy to your Heroes.

Hurry up to the Fair to get talents from the Pirate Adventures subset!

Pirate Chests at the Fair!

For the whole week, until 12 p.m. (UTC+3) September 18, look for legendary chests at the Fair with 6–7* talents from the Pirate Adventures collectible subset!


The chests will cost:

  • 70–100 Prime Crystals for a 6* chest;
  • 90–110 Prime Crystals for a 7* chest.

Don't let the chance slip and obtain the desired talents!

Always yours,
Prime World Team