Changes in the talent system!

05 September 2019

Lords and Ladies!

We announced our decision to give you awesome rewards simply for your in-game activity over a year ago. Since then, we carried out quite a number of interesting events! You participate in quests and events and gain nice rewards including talents to this very day.

And speaking of talents, we used to introduce big sets of them (the last one was released in December 2018), and lots of you wrote that it was hard to memorize so many new entities fast. This made it difficult to understand what your opponents and allies with new builds were capable of.

For more than six months we've been adding collectible subsets of talents into the game. Small and simple, they let you get useful bonuses in battle and are easy to remember. Additionally, collecting talents within subsets is considerably easier than within one huge set.

Nevertheless, the subsets are collectible which means you can't forge them in Talent Forge/Talent Garden alongside with other limitations — even if it's been a while since the release of a subset. We took into account, on the one hand, all advantages of talents in subsets and, on the other hand, craft possibilities in set mechanics and decided to make changes in the release of sets. We are planning to unite the already released collectible subsets into sets so that they stop being collectible after a while and become available for unlimited crafting.



The Legendary Events set will become the first of this kind. 
It will consist of five subsets released one year before the events in the full-screen UI appeared.

These subsets are:

  • Blinding Glory (the Oscars)
  • Pirate Adventures
  • Dearest Wish (New Year's subset)
  • Master of Alchemy
  • Hero’s Serenity

All talents from these subsets are now forgeable and reforgeable in Talent Forge/Talent Garden as well as available at the Fair. The Legendary Events set will be added to the Talent Collection too but a bit later.

As for the upcoming talents, we will continue to release them in the well-loved form of concise and interesting subsets. They will enter the game with the events in the full-screen UI.

What are your thoughts on such a rearrangement of talents?

Share your opinion in the comment section!

Always yours,
Prime World Team