Forest chests!

04 September 2019

Lords and Ladies!

There are so many people (and not only people) you can meet by traveling around Praya or relocating from one battlefield to another one. Fearless Tearaway brought a Touched fellow to your camp when one of the numerous fights was over. The Heroine rescued him — he fell into a ravine, — and he thought he owned her a ‘thank you’. However, he spoke the human language so bad that she wasn’t able to understand him. Altogether, you communicated using signs.

Thanks to Tearaway’s bravery and Touched fellow’s curiosity (he grew interested in the perspective of seeing a human Castle), a unique offer will appear at the Fair, brought to you from the deepest corners of the forest — chests with talents from the Ancient Runes subset!

Forest chests at the Fair!

For a whole week, until 12 p.m. UTC+3 September 11 — find chests with talents from the Ancient Runes subset, already upgraded to 6 and 7 stars, at the Fair!


Such chests will cost:

  • 70-100 Prime Crystals for a 6* chest;
  • 90-110 Prime Crystals for a 7* chest.

Hurry up to the Fair — there are only a few chests the Touched fellow can bring to the Fair from the forest all by himself!

Always yours,
Prime World Team