Fall boom!

30 August 2019

Lords and Ladies!

The last warm days are not a reason to be sad. Quite the contrary! Citizens all around Praya are now elevated in a special way. Lords are already absorbed in preparations for splendid fall festivities while scientists are happy at an amazing discovery made the day before.

It turned out that seasonal changes in nature can be good for battle seasons! All you need is to get the timing right, and the Heroes will be able to receive x3 Season points, experience, and resources. The best part is that the moment is now!

Fall boom!

Only this weekend, when summer is giving way to fall — three times as many rewards for PvP battles!


Until 12:00 p.m. (UTC+3) September 2:

  • x3 Season points, experience, and resources for any PvP battle*;
  • and if the Golden Age is active, you’ll get x6 Season points, resources, and experience!

*Battles in Challenges and Trainings are excluded.

Please note: a number of rewarded Season points depends on whether you win or not. Thus, if you win, you will get x3 rewards for this battle (x6 with Golden Age). In case of defeat, the number of Season points is not increased.

Always yours,
Prime World Team