Agreement with Hellblade

19 August 2019

Lords and Ladies!

A Hero showed up at your Castle. At first, he seemed weird and suspicious but this impression was misleading. With a smile on his face, the guest held you the legendary talisman of power as a gift, and you immediately thought, “What a nice fellow!”

The stranger handed you a paper and promised to take service with you for just one silver coin and present you with the Life’s Path legendary talent in exchange for the signature. The text was too long to read, with all those lines in small print — something about a soul and eternal slavery... In a nutshell — boredom! All in all, you decided not to read it carefully. Who cares about these papers anyway? A stranger’s word of honor is a much stronger guarantee. The agreement is signed!

Agreement with Hellblade


Seize the chance, only this week:

  • August 19, Monday — Talisman of Power legendary talent, upgraded to 7 stars!*
  • August 21, Wednesday — Hellblade for 1 Silver!
  • August 22, Thursday — Life’s Path legendary talent, upgraded to 7 stars!*
*Mind that you can claim the talent only within 24 hours!

Don’t miss this lucrative deal with Hellblade!

Always yours,
Prime World Team