Update 11.14

15 August 2019

Lords and Ladies!

11.14 update has been installed on the battle servers. In this update, a lot of heroes and talents underwent significant changes. Even towers, soldiers and Kitton will now behave differently on the battlefields!



  1. Abrasives and Catalysts
  2. Clan Wars
  3. Class upgrades
  4. Jackpot
  5. Kitton
  6. Towers and soldiers
  7. Heroes
  8. Talents
  9. Fixes

1. Abrasives and Catalysts

11.14 update has brought new entities to the game — abrasives and catalysts. We took your requests into account, so these new entities will make it possible to upgrade (with a certain chance) the talents you want to 6 and 7 stars.

Within the framework of our policy aimed at encouraging in-game activity, three quests with abrasives and catalysts will take place in Praya till the end of September. Fight bravely and get a chance to try out these rare valuable materials on your favorite talents! More details here.

Clan Wars

We disabled Clan Wars not that long ago in order to rework their economy, and you can finally test all the changes in the 11.14 update!

We made a series of changes to the Conflict and the Clan Shop which are created to make the game far more exciting and pleasant. For example, we lowered the cost of Art of Assault, improved rewards on the first levels of the Clan Shop, and changed the cost of level upgrade itself. But this is only a small part of the changes!

Learn everything about the Clan Wars rework here

Class upgrades

This week we are finally introducing new class updates to the game! The lucky lad this week is Faceless, and the new tricks he has learned are something to be afraid of!

Try them out and see how different it feels to play on this Hero now.

More details.


And now - a bit more exciting changes to the economy!

Jackpot with Crystal Shards now contains 300 Shards (instead of 100) for the same price.


Update 11.14 brings some important balance changes to the fluffiest inhabitant of Praya. First and foremost, they are aimed at solving the problem when the second cat became an easy target for any team while granted bonuses were not interesting enough.

1. Change in Kitton’s stats:

We changed Kitton’s starting values and stats per level. For clarity, let’s have a look at the changes at minutes 6.5 and 20.

  6.5 min
    Previously Now
  Health 3600 4500
  Strength / Intellect 80 80
  Stamina / Will 95 85


  20 min
    Previously Now
  Health 6000 12000
  Strength / Intellect 130 155
  Stamina / Will 155 175

Thus, the first Kitton hasn’t become much stronger but the longer the game, the harder he gets to kill.

2. Change in bonuses for slaying Kitton:

  • Now, only the Heroes directly participating in the kill get the Prime. The slayer will get 200 Prime and those assisting — 150 Prime.

Kitton’s bonuses changed too:

  • The team will get bonus Health and Energy Regeneration for the first Kitton slain. In the case with Heroes who don’t use Energy, they will get fifty percent more bonus Health Regeneration;
  • The second Kitton will grant 2 bonus Speed
  • The third Kitton will grant bonus Strength or Intellect, whichever is greater. Besides, every subsequent kill of Kitton will increase the bonus.

Please note!

Exact numbers of bonus stats and regeneration are not static anymore — they are based on the average might of all players on the map.

Towers and soldiers

In the current situation, soldiers and towers no longer pose a threat or an obstacle for Heroes from literally 8-10 min of the game. This, in turn, was limiting the number of tactical decisions.

That is why we increased their strength and durability in update 11.14.

1. Soldiers

  • The soldiers now level up every 45 seconds (instead of 90)
  • The maximum level of the soldiers is increased to 30 (instead of 20)

2. Towers and Main Building

  • Towers now deal mixed damage — physical and magic. In this way, we solved the problem when Will-building tanks couldn’t survive physical damage of the Towers.
  • Towers and Main Building no longer take critical damage. This means that even if you critically hit a building, the damage won’t be increased. This should prevent a fast and easy push.
  • Besides, Towers by the river now grant bonus Health Regeneration to allied Heroes (and conjured creatures) in an area around.
    The exact buff is based on the average might of all players on the map.


Dear friends!

Since we have considerably reworked some Heroes in the 11.14 update, you will get the opportunity to complete special quests in the Castle: exchange 1 unit of Food for 25 White runes (i.e.unassign 25 talents).

PLEASE NOTE! You can claim the runes only till
12:00 p.m. (UTC+3) August 19th.

Bard / Muse

In spite of her great potential, the Heroine often could not compete with the top-rated mid laners, even though she has her own built-in ax and excellent abilities that help the Heroine herself and her whole team.

We want to help her get back to her full strength on the map (and to the players’ hearts).

  • Starting Health is increased by 7%
  • Starting Energy is increased by 10%
  • Starting Stamina is increased by 7%
  • Starting Will is increased by 2.5%
  • Energy per level is increased by 14%
  • Cunning per level is increased by 8%
  • Will per level is increased by 14.5%

Song of Triumph and Slow Rhythm

  • Effects that slow enemies down and grant bonus stats to allies are swapped: the Heroine’s basic ability now allows to slow the enemies down while its upgrade will grant bonus stats.
  • Energy cost is reduced to 80 (instead of 150)
  • Buff to stats is increased to 4-53 (based on Cunning) instead of 3-28.

Song of Defense

  • The shield of the ability is now the same for the Heroine and her allies
  • Damage absorption is increased and now amounts to 100-881 (based on Cunning).


Phantom / Faceless

In most cases, players, of course, had to get used to the Hero and learn him well to reveal his full potential. Some features, however, were out of the general concept.

Blade of Darkness

  • The ability is reworked completely. The dagger now always damages two targets and deals 50-411 damage (based on Intellect) to each of them. After damaging the first target, it bounces to the enemy closest to Faceless.
  • Additionally, if the first target is killed by the ability, the first one takes 40% more damage. As a result, predicting the ricochet will be easier while variations of its use will become more diverse.

Face of Death

  • The duration of the ability is reduced to 3 seconds (instead of 4)
  • The stun duration is reduced to 1.5 seconds (instead of 2)

Armor of Inexistence

  • Shield duration is increased to 10 seconds (instead of 9)


Archer / Amazon

The Heroine’s alternative ultimate was showing its worth in specific game scenarios, but it remained difficult to use it in solo random games — you can’t always get Heroes that make it possible to employ the ability efficiently.


  • The talent’s range is increased by 12%.



For Tu´Rehu with Strength build, games — especially mid and late — sometimes seemed too easy. What a mess!


  • Bonus damage is reduced to 40% (instead of 50%)



To fly, or not to fly — that is hardly a question.


Bombing Strike

  • The Hero’s ultimate ability now allows him to fly over any obstacles.
  • Trees in the explosion area now get pulled down.



Changes of the 11.14 update will make it much easier for the Hero to lane, move around the map and deal lots of damage to his target.


  • Restored Health is increased to 6-53 (instead of 4-36)

Survival Instinct

  • Desperado now gets bonus 50% Speed for 2 seconds

Mark of the Hunter

  • The Mark now deals damage when the effect expires even if its target remains in the Desperado’s sight.

Passion of the hunt

  • Rage loss is reduced to 4 per second (instead of 6 per second)

Controlled Fury

  • Now additionally increases the Hero’s Cunning by 8-106 (based on Intellect) while his ultimate is active


  • The distance the Hero travels is increased by 30%

Deadly Dangerous

  • Now reduces the cooldown of Desperado’s ultimate to 10 seconds if he kills an enemy Hero or large Touched — Fire Drake, Kitton, Woodwoses.


Shadow / Whisp

Players enjoy building both Intellect or Strength for the Heroine. Yet, the idea was that Strength-based Shadow gains bonus stats and grants them to her allies — not super long control.

On a Chain

  • Duration of control is reduced to 3 seconds (instead of 3.5)

Surprise Attack

  • Bonus to stats is increased to 4-53 (instead of 3-44).


Arcane Wyrm / Dragonfly

While having great potential, the Hero was a little less effective than his opponents. We slightly helped him to unlock his strength :)

Power of the Ether

  • Now additionally increases the maximum number of Etherlord effects to 17

Concentrated Ether

  • Attacks now cost 3% of Energy (instead of 4%)

Ethereal Shield

  • The shield can now be destroyed by talents or abilities that cancel positive effects.

Ethereal Bulwark

  • Maximum Energy gained is reduced to 22% (instead of 30%)


Vryl / Nox

Having interesting but somewhat difficult mechanics and excellent burst damage, the Hero was struggling in the early game. Moreover, sometimes he lacked Health to use his combo to the full.

Health per level is increased by 20%

Stamina per level is reduced by 15%

Explosive Mutagen

  • Basic Health restored is decreased to 10-88 (instead of 16-142)
  • However, the Hero restores Health every time he kills an enemy, regardless of Native Terrain
  • On Native Terrain, the Hero restores twice as much Health


  • Damage is increased to 64-564 (instead of 53-470)

Forged Presence

  • Now additionally increases the Hero’s Agility by 2-27 (based on Strength) while Nox is not shielded

Aggressive Assault

  • Now drains twice as much Health when on Native Terrain (instead of draining more Health depending on the Hero’s Strength)



You remember we are watching, don’t you?


Particles Acceleration

  • Now reduces the ultimate’s cooldown only when hitting enemy Heroes. Hitting Fire Drake, Kitton, or Woodwoses won’t reduce the cooldown.



Small nerfs to the Heroine’s ultimate ability.



  • Now deals damage to an enemy once per 0.5 seconds (instead of 0.33)



Defending the borders became nicer — the Bear grew up and mantraps got updates.


Frontline Comrade

  • Damage of the Bear is increased to 19-125 (instead of 18-114)

Border Guard

  • Damage decreased to 77-676 (instead of 96-845)
  • Slowdown now changes dynamically and amounts to 95% when the mantrap is activated, gradually decaying to 35% by the end of the effect.



We increased Doctrine’s stats and abilities a little to help her compete with other mid laners.

  • Intellect per level is increased by 20%
  • Agility per level is increased by 33%

Noxious Substance

  • Cooldown is reduced to 12 seconds (instead of 13)
  • Damage is increased to 8-79 (instead of 6-49)

Portion of Glue

  • Cooldown is reduced to 16 seconds (instead of 18)
  • Damage is increased to 70-617 (instead of 60-531)

Active Compounds

  • While standing in the circle, the Heroine additionally increases her Agility (based on Intellect) or Cunning (based on Strength), whichever is greater, by 3-40

Warding Circle

  • Now grants more Will — 6-88 (instead of 4-59)

Power of Mercury

  • The description now gives an exact estimate of the stun duration
  • Additionally, the Heroine now gains 25-217 bonus damage for 6 seconds when her ultimate is activated (instead of bonus Agility)



Small adjustments to the threatening warrior.


Appetite for Revenge

  • The remembered damage is reduced to 122-1072 (instead of 135-1190)

Indominable Will

  • Bonus Cunning now depends on the remembered damage (instead of percentage difference).


Pied Piper / Rat Master

Sometimes, the Hero had trouble with good positioning and finding the right moment to engage. He could easily pay for it with his life if he didn’t hit all the enemies at once. Life will be easier for him now.

All for One

  • The Hero now gains 0.3-4.3 (based on Intellect) for each creature under his control (instead of Health Regeneration)
  • Heroes under his control are regarded as 3 creatures


Fiery Guard

The subset won’t be as annoying during the lane phase but will remain useful and relevant.

  • The Bright Flame no longer blinds the enemies, but it always deals damage to them.
  • The Smouldering Flame upgrade now allows the firefly to additionally blind the enemy
  • Prime received for killing the firefly is reduced to 20
  • The firefly can no longer be placed in impassable areas


Dearest Wish

The subset is easy to use but is strong enough which sometimes influenced the game too much. That is why we made the subset a channeling one — its strength and usefulness remain the same but players now have an opportunity to outplay the owner of the talent.

  • The active talent of the subset now requires 1 second to channel

Life Blighter

  • Critical damage ratio is reduced to 40% (instead of 50%)

Tamer of the Elements

  • Bonus to the penetration of talents is reduced to 13% (instead of 15%)

Ancient Secrets

  • Three upgraded talents now increase the main stat by 6 (instead of 9)

Life’s Path

  • The Path of Strength and Path of Intellect talents now additionally increase stats by 3 (instead of 5)

Stargazer’s Disgrace

  • Talent range of use is increased by 300%
  • For convenience, the area is now displayed on the minimap

Experienced Warrior

  • Bonus to stats for 3 learned talents is reduced to 6 (instead of 7)

Legendary Liberation

  • Time of immunity to control is reduced to 1.5 seconds (instead of 2)

Enchanter’s Knowledge

  • Bonus for three upgraded talents now allows to reduce the enemy’s Strength by 20 for 4 seconds (instead of reducing Cunning by 15)

Animal Power

  • Bonus for three upgraded talents now allows to reduce the enemy’s Intellect by 20 for 4 seconds (instead of reducing Agility by 15)

Impenetrable Stronghold

  • Three upgraded talents now reduce damage taken by the Hero by 10% (instead of 7%)

Dense Prison

  • Damage reduction is increased to 15% (instead of 10%)


  • Fixed a bug that allowed Aviator to cast Explosive Shells when Aimed Fire was not upgraded yet
  • Fixed a situation when the Brave Wanderer talent upgraded by Obsessed Wanderer didn’t cancel slowdown caused by Arcane Wyrm’s Spell Trap
  • Fixed an issue when Vigilante’s Appetite for Revenge could cleanse negative effects when Indominable Will was not upgraded yet
  • The status with Kvasir’s Thick Mead now correctly displays physical damage (instead of magical)
  • Fixed a bug causing Fanatic’s Ritual Strike to consider Luna’s Astral Gates a target, reducing in such a way damage dealt to other enemies hit
  • Fixed a situation when the Archaic runes subset could drop several glyphs from one siege soldier if there were several Heroes with the subset in range
  • Fixed a visual issue with Blizzard’s / Cryo’s Snowstorm for the Heroine’s skins
  • Fixed a bug when Vigilante’s Battle Frenzy was draining life when Battle Zeal was not upgraded yet
  • Berserker’s Destructive Leap now affects invisible targets
  • Fixed a situation when Chronicle’s Time must go on did not bring the Hero back to the initial location when the Time Stood Still talent was upgraded
  • Fixed a situation when Vigilante’s Appetite for Revenge didn’t cancel her invisibility when she was dealing damage to enemies
  • Fixed the explosion effect of Luna’s Clot of Energy
  • Fixed an issue when Faceless’s / Phantom’s Flash of Darkness did not restore Health when the Hero dealt critical damage on Native Terrain
  • Fixed an issue when Vigilante’s Sharp Pike could slow the conjured creatures down by almost 100%

Known Issues:

  • In some cases, Heroes can get slowed down permamently during the battle.
  • In some cases, Faceless makes 1 kill, but it is counted as 2.

See you on the battlefields!

Always yours,
Prime World Team