Updated Clan Wars

15 August 2019

Lords and Ladies!

Today’s the long-awaited day Clan Wars return to Praya! This means time to learn all the changes and updates and, of course, rush into the battle side by side with fellow clan members!

Updated Clan Wars

The changes of clans and the Conflict, first and foremost, are aimed at making it easier for smaller clans to upgrade the shop, getting in such a way better rewards.

  • However, top clans will also receive a stimulus to unlock the highest levels of the shop and earn more personal points — the shop assortment became wider and more exciting :)
  • Art of Assault is cheaper — it now costs 18,000 and 150,000 Food respectively (instead of 25,000 and 200,000). Take part in Clan Wars without detriment to the economy of your Lordship even if you haven’t upgraded Mushroom Farm/Farm to the maximum level yet.
  • Clan Shop level up cost has changed:
    • Unlocking levels 1–5 now requires fewer points, making it easier for developing clans to get some precious rewards;
    • Upgrading from level 6 and above is now harder, which creates a more competitive environment for top clans.

Thus, the Clan Shop upgrade now costs:

  Level Number of Points to upgrade


  2 1000
  3 1500
  4 2000
  5 3000
  6 4000
  7 5500
  8 6500
  9 8000

Additionally, bonus Tactics and Strategy Points, received for Heroes’ Rating, have changed too. The competition became fairer for those clans that don’t have top-rated players in their ranks.

  Title Bonus points
  Mercenary 1
  Corporal 2
  Sergeant 4
  Lieutenant 5
  Captain 7
  Major 9
  Lieutenant Colonel 10
  Colonel 11
  General 12
  Field Marshal / Sensei 13
  • New highly-demanded goods are now available in the Clan Shop:
    • Golden Age;
    • New packs with Prime Crystals — 40 and 60.
    • Exclusive chests with 5–7* talents from Earth Hallows, Awakening, and Conqueror Regalia subsets;
    • Legendary chests with 5–7* talents from Legendary Aspects and Legendary Epic subsets;
    • Collectible Legendary chests with talents, upgraded to 6 and 7 stars;
    • Summer Chests.
  • First levels of the Clan Shop became more attractive no matter how developed your Castle is. Thus, special (violet) chests no longer fill a place in the shop while clan buffs became more accessible:
    • All clan buffs can now be found on levels 1–5 of the shop (instead of 1–7);
    • The most popular clan talents, -- Liberation (both exclusive and legendary), Corruption, and Distortion, -- are now placed one level lower.

Hurry up to try the updated Clan Wars and get the desired rewards!

Always yours,
Prime World Team