Summer metamorphosis: Faceless

15 August 2019

Lords and Ladies!

Faceless’ fame spreads faster than he kills. That’s what it means to be a real professional! Who would have thought that such a glorious ex-surgeon will make a great assassin?

Even though Faceless lost most of his emotions (including his conscience), his lust for knowledge did not burn out. After the Hero dealt with a bunch of bandits that kept hold of ancient ruins, he found an unusual tome among their belongings. Various interesting combat moves were described in it, and Faceless grew eager to test them in battle.

New talents!

Out of sight

  • With this upgrade, Faceless’ Blade of Darkness will deal increased damage to targets who are located far from their allies.

Premonition of death

  • Deathblow upgrade will allow the Hero to reduce his auto attacks cooldown for dealing critical damage to enemies.


Please note!

Only one class talent upgrade can be put in a set at a time.

Which class talent upgrade should Faceless test out first?

Always yours,
Prime World Team