Clan Wars update

13 August 2019

Lords and Ladies!

Clan Wars have become an integral part of Prime World that encouraged group activities among the players. All these glorious victories achieved together with fellow clan members, incredible battles for clan talents and useful buffs!

We’ve already introduced changes to Clan Wars when we replaced them with progressive Conflict several months ago. But time never stands still, so we keep upgrading and developing various aspects of the game.

You took part in Conflict, and we analyzed the games and decided to improve the established economic system of Clan Wars to make them even more interesting and venturous!

Clan Wars update

Experience showed that small clans were struggling to develop or found clan activities not interesting enough. This was based on a number of facts: top clans could quickly exhaust the pool of points, having dozens of top-rated Heroes at their command, while smaller clans were left with comparatively modest rewards even if they managed to unlock first levels of the shop (which was pretty difficult).

That is why we decided to make a number of changes to Conflict and the Clan Shop:

  1. Art of Assault will become cheaper. Take part in Clan Wars without detriment to the economy of your Lordship even if you haven’t upgraded Mushroom Farm/Farm to level 40 yet.
  2. First levels of the Clan Shop will become more attractive no matter how developed your Castle is. For instance, you’ll no longer find chests with special talents there, while clan buffs will become more accessible. And there's even more — find new interesting offers with exclusive chests in the lower rows of the Clan Shop.
  3. Clan Shop level up cost will change:
    • Unlocking levels 1–5 will require fewer points, making it easier for developing clans to get some precious rewards;
    • Upgrading level 6 and above will become harder, creating a more competitive environment for top clans.
  4. Long-wished-for collectible legendary chests with talents, upgraded to 6* and 7*, Golden Age, and new packs with Prime Crystals will be available in the Clan Shop!

And the list of future pleasant changes is not limited to this :)

The changes will be introduced into the game soon enough, making Conflict more dynamic and interesting for both small and big clans.

Looking forward to hearing your feedback on the changes!

Are you ready to rush into the battle under the flag of your clan?

Always yours,
Prime World Team