What’s up for Raven and Faceless?

08 August 2019

Lords and Ladies!

There are only two Heroes left, who have not yet received their class talent upgrades. We thought everything through, read your opinions and finally settled on what we are going to do for them! We are sure that the changes these upgrades will bring into the game will make the future battles even more intense and exciting.

So, let’s get into it, shall we?

Raven’s upcoming talents

Fiery mark

  • This upgrade won’t allow Raven’s enemies hide from her (and her team’s) sight, while the Fiery Curse effect is affecting them.

Fiery embrace

  • If you choose this upgrade, Raven will receive a certain percentage of damage resist when using any ultimate ability.

Faceless’ upcoming talents

Out of sight

  • With this upgrade, Faceless’ Blade of Darkness will deal increased damage to targets who are located far from their allies.

Premonition of death

  • Deathblow upgrade will allow the Hero to reduce his auto attacks cooldown for dealing critical damage to enemies.

What do you think of these upcoming upgrades?

Which ones will you arm your Heroes with?

Always yours,
Prime World Team