Gifts from the kin

06 August 2019

Lords and Ladies!

Oh, these annoying relatives!

At least this time it's not as bad as all that...

Some distant relatives sent your seventh cousin to stay for a while at yours. The damsel turned out to be cooperative and very active. Instead of waltzing in the ballroom and exhausting provisions, she asked you to give her a tour around your Lordship but not towns and villages — she finds borderland much more fascinating. Well, in any case, it’s better than staying in the Castle. Besides, your cousin did promise to show her gratitude — for a detailed tour she’s even willing to give you a Summer Chest!

Gifts from the kin

Only from 12 p.m. UTC+3 August 6th until 12 p.m. UTC+3 August 13th, while the damsel is still in your Lordship, hurry up to complete the quest chain and obtain valuable rewards!





Use 7 potions in the Borderlands

20 Prime Crystals
  Slay 100 Touched in the Borderlands 30 Prime Crystals
  Collect 50k Prime in the Borderlands  1 day of Golden Age
  Destroy 5 Towers (max 2 per battle) in the Borderlands 1 legendary Chest with talents, upgraded to 5−7 stars
  Gain 500 achievement points in the Borderlands 1 Summer Chest

For your convenience, each following task becomes available right after you finish the previous one.

Take on the role of a guide and receive nice rewards! Freedom from relatives is just around the corner...

Always yours,
Prime World Team