Gifts of nature

29 July 2019

Lords and Ladies!

Warm and nice summer days came to Praya — with clear blue sky and the smiling sun. Birds are singing, wild animals are going about their fuzzy business, and even the Touched seem to get nicer. Nature is happy and so is Dryad!

The Heroine, being in an excellent mood, has already headed off the forest to walk into your Castle in a few days and offer her service for literally one silver coin.

Besides, mother nature is giving you two valuable gifts — Secret of Wit talent and Secret of Cruelty talent, both upgraded to 7 stars.

Gifts of nature!


Seize the chance, only this week:

  • July 29, Monday — Secret of Wit legendary talent, upgraded to 7 stars!*
  • July 31, Wednesday — Dryad for 1 Silver!
  • August 1, Thursday — Secret of Cruelty legendary talent, upgraded to 7 stars!*
*Mind that you can claim the talent only within 24 hours!

Love mother nature!

Always yours,
Prime World Team