Katana’s gifts

22 July 2019

Lords and Ladies!

Professional jealousy is no joke. And if you have proven yourself long ago but everybody is dreaming about this new coming-out-of-nowhere upstart joining their ranks, no doubt you’ll feel jealous!

Having heard about the new Heroine in Praya, Katana decided to break her code of honor and by hardly fair means attract the attention of Lords, who kind of forgot about her.

Today she presents you with the Fury Dominance talent, upgraded to 7 stars, and on Wednesday, you can hire Katana for just 1 Silver. On Thursday, the Heroine will give you another gift — Secret of Energy, upgraded to 7 stars!

Katana’s gifts


Seize the chance, only this week:

  • July 22, Monday — Fury Dominance legendary talent, upgraded to 7 stars!*
  • July 24, Wednesday — Katana for 1 Silver!
  • July 25, Thursday — Secret of Energy legendary talent, upgraded to 7 stars!*
*Mind that you can claim the talent only within 24 hours!

No need to say no to a girl — especially such a fierce one as Katana!

Always yours,
Prime World Team