Battle weekend

19 July 2019

Lords and Ladies!

Can you hear it too? Day and night clank, explosions, shots and all those sounds that keep too sensitive folks awake at night are heard from the Borderlands. It’s been a while since the last excitement like that in Praya! And the reason is the new Heroine, violent Vigilante. She is fearlessly challenging anyone who interferes with her (and she does so, let’s face it, fairly often).

Such activity, however, is for the benefit of the Lords: their Heroes are now bringing a double number of trophies from the battles. Trade has revived as a result, and the merchants have displayed for sale the well-loved Jackpot with 15 talents for this occasion.

Bonus battle rewards!

From 12 p.m. July 19th until 12 p.m. UTC+3 July 22nd, get double battle rewards and double experience in PvP battles! And get x4 rewards and experience with active Golden Age!

  • x2* talents, resources (including birchbark!) and experience for every PvP battle.
  • x4* talents, resources and experience with active Golden Age!

*The rates do not apply to battles in Challenges and Training modes.

15 talents Jackpot!

Until 12 p.m. July 22nd UTC+3, look for the superprofitable Jackpot at the Fair!

  • 15 legendary talents, upgraded to 5 or more stars, for only 500 Prime crystals!

As any other Jackpot, this one is more profitable than buying 15 talents separately, and of course, its drop chance is not so huge.

May the weekend bring you lots of rewards!

Always yours,
Prime World Team