Vigilante’s anger

17 July 2019

Deadly Vigilante is ready to start a fight and show her enemies that they should not mess with her. Direct her anger in the right direction!


There are three ways of hiring Vigilante (just like with all new Heroes):

  • Complete a 7-day quest chain and hire her for 750k Silver. The first task of the quest chain will open today, at 12 p.m. (UTC+3), and the last one will start July 23rd. Upon completing the last task, you will see a quest where you’ll be able to hire the Heroine for Silver.
  • A usual way of hiring (purchase for Silver without completing the quest) will become available from July 30th for all players with the 25+ Castle level.
  • Also, you can hire Vigilante right now for 299 Gold.

With the new Heroine’s release, Kvasir’s price has been reduced to 500k Silver or 199 Gold.

Please note!

The victories you score with the new Heroine won’t be counted in the Talent Collection quests that you activated before the update.

Vigilante's Talents


This passive ability allows the Heroine to fight furiously on the battlefield and survive even through the most dangerous attacks. Each time Vigilante deals a certain amount of damage to her enemies with auto attacks or abilities, she accumulates Anger, that is used for her protection. If Vigilante receives damage, that is higher than a certain amount of health, she will ignore a part of the incoming harm. This will cost her 1 Anger effect.

Furious Throw

Heroine’s first active ability allows her to deal a significant amount of damage to her foes. Vigilante takes her time to take aim, chooses the direction and throws her spear. The longer the swing, the farther the weapon will fly. The flying spear deals damage to creeps and the first Hero on its path. What is more, hitting enemies with this attack allows Vigilante to accumulate more Anger during a certain amount of time.


Sharp Pike

Ability’s upgrade slows down the enemies who were hit with the spear and suppresses their speed boost effects for a while.

Battle Zeal

The second passive ability boosts Heroine’s Speed. The power of the boost is determined by the number of accumulated Anger effects.


Battle Frenzy

After the upgrade gets learned, Vigilante begins regenerating Health for dealing damage with auto attacks. The more Anger effects, the higher is the boost of Speed, Health Regeneration, and Agility.

Appetite for Revenge

Vigilante passively remembers all the damage enemies deal to her. In the necessary moment, she is able to redirect it back at her foes. After that, the remembered damage counter will be reset.


Indomitable Will

This upgrade will allow Vigilante to dispel all negative effects by using the ability. What is more, the Heroine will become able to use the talent even while being stunned or muted. The upgrade also increases Heroine’s Cunning as remembered damage accumulates.

Day of Reckoning

The first ultimate ability allows the Heroine to go berserk. In this state, bonuses to Speed and Agility provided by Battle Zeal significantly increase, and the Furious Throw’s cooldown gets reduced.



After the Day of Reckoning gets upgraded, its action effect will get renewed each time Vigilante kills an enemy Hero or provides an assist.

Not a Step Back

Vigilante creates a glade around herself. Inside this area, her enemies get slowed down, and their speed up effects get suppressed. After the ability is used, Native Terrain begins to appear around the Heroine.


Dominant Presence

With the upgrade learned, enemies, that happen to be in the area of ultimate’s action, will have their Strength or Intellect, whichever the greater, decreased.

Are you ready to hear your enemies plead for mercy?

Always yours,
Prime World Team