Vigilante’s story

17 July 2019

The future to be Heroine was born and brought up in a pretty wealthy family. While granting her whatever she wanted, her parents took her upbringing seriously: the girl was to inherit her father’s estate and business. She learned a lot from her tutors, however, she learned even more on the streets and in the forests, where she spent every minute she could. She enjoyed spending time with street kids, and, it seems fair to say, that the girl grew up with them, rather than surrounded by kid gloves.

When her father wasn't around, the girl and her friends were spending days in the forests or on the shabby streets. She was hiding half of her face with a scarf so that nobody could get after her for climbing a mill or drawing on a road whatever came to her mind. Sometimes her gang fooled around with misbehave and petty theft. For them, it was entertainment, sport, and fun. However, the girl was just a chaffing observer, never participating herself, and even lecturing her friends on a proper behavior.

Things run their course, when one day guys bit off more than they could chew. The gang came up with an idea to go for a caravan where one of those moneybags was traveling. A trophy promised to be significant: enough to spoil themselves and to share with commons. The girl tried to reason her friends out of it but failed.

The guys managed to disarm the major part of the caravan and started splitting the booty. The boys dragged the girl to have a look at the trophy and, no matter how hard she was pushing back, she couldn’t (or,could it be that she didn’t want to?) stay on the sidelines. She liked a purple scarf, which probably was supposed to be a gift for a wife or a mistress. She took off her own scarf and was about to try the new one on, when, suddenly, she turned around as she noticed some noise behind her back. It was not clear how that rich man – a huge two-meter hulk - managed to creep up and threw a spear into her. The girl cringed away, trying to avoid the spear, so it got her in a hip. The man got angry and grabbed her by the neck. She almost passed out. The girl recognized the hulk: from time to time he had visited her father’s mansion in order to collect render. This was when she felt really scared: not so much for herself as for her family. Sure, after dealing with her, the men’s rage would spill over to her father, mother, and little sister. The girl tried to call for help, escape, but she was armless and nobody came to the rescue.

- I'll show you and your damn family what it means to deal with somebody out of your league.

These were the last words that she heard. Breathless, she was brought to her father's mansion, mercilessly rolled on the marble floor. While her mother tried to bring her back to life, father stood up for his daughter but lost the duel. The first thing the girl saw when she came round was the hulk, taking his ebonite spear out of the chest of the defeated rival. She had no kick left, and even the rage that woke up in her blood could not help her to stand up.

She came to senses later, struggling for breath because of smoke. Trying to get out of the mansion, the girl was forced to use the ebonite spear of her sworn enemy in order to remain standing. When got out, the girl discovered that their mansion had burned to the ground and nothing had left. There were only ashes, pieces of coal, and ruins. The girl tried to find her mother and sister, but she had no luck. She clearly remembered how the hulk, who killed her dear father, burst into laughter. There was a scream, as loud as a human being could let out, scream, full of anger and despair. Unbearable pain and rage seized the poor girl. Having carried them through the ashes of her dear lands, the girl, who lost her family overnight, became a different person.

People say that the new Heroine appeared in Praya due to these tragic events. Vigilante took the armor of her bitterest enemy, tracked him down and thrust his heart through, without blinking an eye. The anger that transformed her has never left her blood.