Fanatic’s visit

15 July 2019

Lords and Ladies!

You have no idea why would the Heroes come cap in hand to you out of the blue, bring various gifts and serve for just one Silver coin. Could it be a covert plot?

Fanatic, who is visiting your Castle this week, assured you hastily that he set off solely for his own interests. Your agreement with Leshy excited his curiosity: the Hero wanted to snatch some talents from the new runic set too. With enough birchbark and your support by his side, he will undoubtedly succeed.

Today he already brought you Volume of Wisdom, upgraded to 7 stars, and on Thursday you can enlarge your collection of talents by Absolute Dominance!

Fanatic’s visit


Seize the chance, only this week:

  • July 15, Monday — legendary talent Volume of Wisdom, upgraded to 7 stars!*
  • July 17, Wednesday — Fanatic for 1 Silver!
  • July 18, Thursday — legendary talent Absolute Dominance, upgraded to 7 stars!*
*Mind that you can claim the talent only within 24 hours!

Expand your collection of talents and Heroes!

Always yours,
Prime World Team