Contest winners!

11 July 2019

Loords and Ladies!

You are recalling names that come to your mind, and the more you say, the brighter the warrior’s eyes glow — she is openly making fun of you and doesn’t believe you can cope with the task. In the end, you heavily breathe out the right name, “Vigilante?”

The warrior changes color at once, and you cannot comprehend if she is surprised or angry. You slightly move away from her — just in case — for fear of becoming the victim of her anger.

We congratulate the lucky players who managed to guess the Heroine’s name! And those, who got quite close to the truth :)

The following Lords will receive Vigilante for free the day she is released in the game:

In order to receive the prize, please write your nickname via personal message to our official Facebook page.

“Think of it!” exhales the woman. “For a moment I thought we wouldn’t work well together.”

Vigilante’s eyes shine with a new glare and she suggests a friendly duel.

Well then, one learns his fellow-fighter best in the battle...

While fighting you find out what the Heroine is capable of. One ability — she called it Battle Zeal — impresses you most of all. It is her second passive ability that increases Speed proportionally to the damage dealt to enemies.

How do you find this trick?

Always yours
Prime World team