July clash!

05 July 2019

Lords and Ladies!

The Borderlands has never been a peaceful place, and now, when everyone strives to get hold of some birchbark, it has even become dangerous. Clashes happen literally by every birch so one cannot take a step without getting into trouble.

But as usual, where there is danger, there is valuable loot! Fight your way through the enemy towers and soldiers to seize Legendary Crystals, summer chests and legendary chests.

Mysterious box!

A new quest chain is already available in your Castles. Complete it and obtain lots of treasures!

  Condition Condition
  Destroy 50 Towers (max 2 per battle) in the Borderlands
  • 100 Legendary Crystals
  • 3 Summer Chests*
  • 3 Legendary Chests with talents, upgraded to 5−7 stars
  Kill 3000 soldiers in the Borderlands
  Use 150 potions (max 5 per battle) in the Borderlands
  Gain 5000 achievement points in the Borderlands

The quest chain is open until 12 p.m. UTC+3 July 29th — hurry up to get all the rewards!

Summer chests!

*Filled with summer mood, these bright and colorful chests are famous not only for their outside but for the inside too!


One chest contains 5 talents, one of which is guaranteed to be upgraded to 7 stars, and some valuable gifts.

If fortune favors you, you may even get Golden Age days!

Please note!

Every new task opens as soon as the previous one is complete, meaning you’ll be able to complete the whole chain in one go.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained (including birchbark)!

Always yours,
Prime World Team