Summer metamorphosis: Kvasir

27 June 2019

Lords and Ladies!

It’s always cozy in Kvasir’s tavern: subdued lights, glowing embers in the fireplace, pleasant and harmonious music.Among everyday conversations about battles in the Borderlands, the news of the mysterious substance that no one could take in hands flashed. “I tell ya that it is so caustic and hot that I still have burns on the palms of my hands”, - said Pied Piper to his companion.

New class talents!

Kvasir decided to see what the overhyped burning substance is. He managed to pour it into a bottle without getting hurt.

Mead Bitter

  • Mead can be stacked +1 more time and decreases 2 of the enemy’s characteristics - Strength and Intellect.

Kvasir's Generosity

  • Kvasir spills mead around him if he runs into an ally Hero. Kvasir’s move applies 2 mead effects.


New upgrades of the class abilities are waiting for you in the Library. You can find them, as all new upgrades, in the 5th line.

Please note!

Only one class talent upgrade can be put in a set at a time.

Kvasir is ready to demonstrate his new powers in battle!

Always yours,
Prime World Team