Gifts from Tearaway

24 June 2019

Lords and Ladies!

Weather continues to bring joy to Heroes and Heroines with its gentle warmth, and the surprises do not stop popping up all over the place in your Lordship. This week, mischievous Tearaway is going to knock on your Castle’s door, willing to bring a little fun (chaos) to the battlefield. How can you resist and not hire her for just 1 silver coin?

She even brought you a few talents - today she sent you Moment of Treachery via mail, and on Thursday, she will pass Order of Victory in your hands.

Gifts from Tearaway


Don’t miss this week’s amazing gifts:

  • June 24, Monday – Moment of Treachery talent, already upgraded to 7 stars!*
  • June 26, Wednesday – Tearaway can be hired for 1 Silver!
  • June 27, Thursday – Order of Victory talent, already upgraded to 7 stars!*
*Please notice that you can claim the talent only during 24 hours!

Collect all the presents of this week!

Always yours,
Prime World dev team