The Gifts Calendar!

19 June 2019

Lords and Ladies!

This summer is filled with gifts and surprises: Heroes are willing to serve you for 1 Silver one after another, valuable upgraded talents are dropped into your mailbox once in a week, and even the new tasks appear on the notice boards all the time... There is so much to do and remember!

To make it easier for you to track all the events taking place in Praya, we decided to make posts about what’s up for the next few days on a weekly basis.

The Gifts Calendar!


This week, the following events are available:

  • June 19, Wednesday - Plague Doctor can be hired for 1 Silver!
  • June 20, Thursday - Desperate Instant talent, upgraded to 7 stars!*

*Please notice that you can claim the talent only during 24 hours!

Do not miss the benefits of this summer!

Always yours,
Prime World team