Jackpot week!

17 June 2019

Lords and Ladies!

The summer festival is in full swing, and guests from all around the world are gathering in your Lordship. It’s strange but even the peaceful Touched are standing aside humbly, watching this ongoing stir.

You cannot suppress your natural curiosity so you come up to one of the birds with a maiden’s head and ask how she finds all the action. One word leads to another, and there you are, finding out that one of the satyrs is selling talents and other good stuff in a distant clearing.

Your own Heroes have crowded at the wood dweller’s shop too, buying up all kinds of things with great pleasure. So don’t stand stock-still, go and take your own Jackpot from the counter!

Jackpot week


Only this week — find all the Jackpots at the Fair!

You can find the following offers:

  • Prime Crystals
  • Legendary Crystals
  • Golden Age
  • Silver
  • Crystal Shards
  • Champion Rune

Hurry up!

The satyr’s shop is open only till 12:00 p.m. UTC+3 June 24th.

Don't miss your Jackpot!

Always yours,
Prime World Team