Bright summer!

11 June 2019

Lords and Ladies!

The blacksmiths and one of your advisers are whispering about something in the backyard. So quiet, so carefully, that it seems suspicious. Whisp volunteered to help you out and got as close to the conspirators as only she could. This way, she was able to hear all their words.

It turned out that your adviser, willing to help you in the tough battles, made an agreement with the blacksmiths — an agreement on lifelong discount on talent unbinding! Whisp couldn’t believe her own ears unless she heard about the subject multiple times. Only when the document was sealed, she ran back to you and told you that there is nothing to worry about and that’s a simple surprise preparation.

You waited and waited till you received the document as a gift tomorrow — and all the Heroes, all the royal servants were looking at you with curious and admiring gaze. Where else, if not in Praya, people love their royals to much?

Friends, we saw your excitement about the discounts on talent unbinding, and due to this magnificent activity from your side, we decided to drop the prices on talent unbinding once and forever!


From now on, talent unbinding will cost you:

  • 5 Prime Crystals (instead of 9) — for exclusive talents
  • 5 Gold (instead of 9) — for legendary talents

Prepare your Heroes for the battles!

Always yours,
Prime World Team