Summer metamorphosis: Luna

06 June 2019

Lords and Ladies!

This summer night was glorious indeed. The boundless, unexplored sky was especially charming. Thousands of stars were shining bright, helping to forget about all the issues and dive into the mysterious world, so beautiful and calming.

New class talents!

Under the falling star, Luna has made her true wish...

Dark Matter

  • Clot of Energy talent now deals 20% more damage and recharges faster by 2 seconds.

Astral Expansion

  • Now you can set up 3 more portals (5 in total).
  • What is more, all the allies, who are standing next to the portals, will receive 15% less damage from enemy talents.

New upgrades of the class abilities are waiting for you in the Library. You can find them, as all new upgrades, in the 5th line.

Please note!

Only one class talent upgrade can be put in a set at a time.

Luna is ready to unleash the might of stars upon her enemies!

Always yours,
Prime World Team