Summer full of presents!

03 June 2019

Lords and Ladies!

Summer is an amazing season, and we want to make it even more exciting for you! Just imagine: talents upgraded up to 7 stars, that flow into your hands like from cornucopia, daily quests with legendary crystals and chests as a reward, and Heroes are lining up to sign down service contracts with you just for a few pennies!

No, this is not a dream come true, it is simply the hottest time of the year in Praya!

Upgraded legendary talents as gifts!


During the whole summer, starting with 12 p.m. UTC+3 June 3, receive legendary talents already upgraded to 7 starts AS GIFTS!

Just enter the Castle twice a week - on Mondays and Thursdays, - and collect the harvest. And that’s not it yet! There are no conditions to fulfill.

We chose the most popular talents among the players, - including the axes, - so don’t miss your chance!

  • Please keep in mind that you can claim the talent only during 24 hours!

Collect hot legendary talents this summer!

Summer quests!

What is more, during the whole summer, special quest chains will appear. You will have to complete the tasks one by one, and with each stage, the rewards will become sweeter and sweeter!

Read more about this event in a separate post.

Heroes for pennies!

And now, it’s time for the sweetest part! Once a week, one Hero’s hiring price will reach its the minimum point - just 1 Silver coin!


The rotation will change each Wednesday. After that, the new Hero will receive a ginormous discount and the previous one will demand the same fee as usual.

The first Hero willing to serve you almost for free will become available this Wednesday, 5th of June.

Gather the Heroes and collect the talents for the whole summer!

Always yours,
Prime World Team