Summer breeze!

03 June 2019

Lords and Ladies!

Stalker has recently come back from the Primezone, and now he tells marvelous stories about the Borderlands! He says that a mystical portal opened over there, which grants wealth to each and every one who finds it. It is rather amusing that once in 24 hours it gets recharged, providing more and more valuable trophies each time...

Summer quests!

Make a pleasant summer rest also useful!

From June 3 and until August 26, special quest chains will appear in the Castles weekly. You will have to complete the tasks one by one, and with each stage, the rewards will become sweeter and sweeter!

Please yourself with cool trophies!


In order not to miss the maximum benefit, please read the conditions below carefully.

  • You have 48 hours to complete each of the tasks.
  • If you do not fulfill the conditions in the time stated, all the upcoming stages of the current week will get blocked. You will have to wait until Monday until the new quest chain gets available.
  • The stages get unlocked each day at 12 p.m. UTC+3.




  3 Prime Crystals
  5 Prime Crystals
  10 Prime Crystals
  3 Legendary Crystals
  5 Legendary Crystals + 1 Legendary Chest
  10 Legendary Crystals + 1 Legendary Chest
  2 Legendary Chests + 5 Season Trophies + 5 Season Glory
  • The conditions of the quests are not hard and can be compared to daily quests’ difficulty.
  • Numerous valuable presents are waiting for you - and it will remain so for 3 months!

Earn rewards during the whole summer with ease!

Always yours,
Prime World Team