Parade of planets!

31 May 2019

Lords and Ladies!

Praya’s stargazers have announced that the parade of planets is finally here - a rare time when several celestial bodies line up. This event is much more important than it may seem. If you take an opportunity and correctly focus the cosmic energy on the Castle, you can make your Lordship prosper for 3 upcoming months!

Parade of planets!

For 199 Gold, stargazers are ready to make a special lens for you, which will attract all the cosmic rays. Hurry up to provide your Lordship with 3 months of Golden Age for the price of one - the parade of planets can be seen only for 3 days!


Only from 12 p.m. UTC+3 May 31 until 12 p.m. UTC+3 June 3 -
90 days of Golden Age for 199 Gold!

Make your lordship prosper!

Always yours,
Prime World Team