Update 11.12.3!

28 May 2019

Lords and Ladies!

Maintenance works are over, and the Heroes are ready to rush into... Oh, but wait. You just have to get to know the reworked Heroes better! Especially Luna and Tearaway :)


Dear friends, since we have considerably reworked some Heroes in the 11.12.3 update, you will get the opportunity to complete special quests in the Castle: exchange 1 unit of Food for 35 White runes (i.e. 35 unassigned talents).

PLEASE NOTE! You can claim the runes only till 12:00 p.m. (UTC+3) June 10th.



Luna’s unique mechanics were making her both extremely strong and weak in different team combinations and modes. A simple rebalance wouldn’t do the trick here because change in the numbers of stats and abilities would only worsen the situation.

That is why we have reworked the Heroine completely.

Star Foreknowledge

  • The Heroine’s new passive ability makes her significantly stronger during the night. Luna can now pass through creatures and see through obstacles at night while her class talents get some additional effects.

Clot of Energy

  • The Heroine fires a Clot of Energy in the target direction that explodes when it hits an enemy or reaches its maximum distance, dealing 75-658 damage (based on Intellect) to all nearby enemies and slowing them by 40% for 3 seconds.

Particles Acceleration

  • Upgrading the ability decreases the cooldown of her ultimate by 3 seconds for each enemy Hero hit by the explosion.

Star Foreknowledge: At night, enemies in the explosion area are pulled to its epicenter after 2 seconds.

Astral Gates

  • Luna creates an Astral Gate in the target location and explodes the already existing one, dealing 75-658 damage (based on Strength) to all enemies around the gate. Luna and her allies can pass through the gates and travel some distance but no more than once in 6 seconds.
  • Exploding the gates increases the cooldown of the talent by 5 times, up to 10 seconds.


  • The talent upgrade increases Luna and her allies’ Speed by 20% for 6 seconds after passing through the gate.
  • The explosion additionally stuns the enemies for 1 second.

Star Foreknowledge: Exploding the gate no longer increases the cooldown of the talent.


  • For 2.5 seconds, the Heroine enters the dark form becoming invulnerable to any damage or control but losing the ability to attack or use talents. She can pass through the gate. You can turn the ability off by clicking it at any time.

Twilight Wanderer

  • The talent’s cooldown is reduced by 9 seconds.

Star Foreknowledge: While the talent is active, Luna can interact with the Astral Gates unlimited number of times.


  • All enemies inside the target area are removed from the battle for 4 seconds. When the effect expires, all enemies in the area take 88-776 damage (based on Intellect).

Stasis Field

  • Increases the area of the Stasis talent.


  • After 1 second, fires a Supernova in the target direction that travels up to the first enemy it hits, dealing 100-881 damage (based on Strength) to all enemies on its way.
  • Deals 300-2644 damage (based on Strength) when collides with an enemy Hero.

Surplus Energy

  • When colliding with an enemy Hero, Supernova additionally deals damage to all enemies around.



Her strong ability combinations were not always effective enough for the Heroine, especially against ranged Heroes. That’s why we reworked some of her abilities and buffed others.

Fast Attack

  • The empowered attack now deals 27-229 additional damage (based on Intellect) instead of 23-201.
  • While the attack is ready, the Heroine’s dodge chance is increased by 20%.

Dizzying Throw

  • The ball now travels up to the first enemy Hero, stuns him for 0.5 seconds and deals 42-371 damage (based on Intellect) to all enemies on its way. When used from the Native Terrain, the damage is increased by 30%.
  • However, the ball no longer falls to the ground meaning that the cooldown cannot be reduced anymore.


  • The ball marks an enemy Hero for 3 seconds. While the target is marked, you can reactivate the talent to travel behind the target, deal 42-371 damage (based on Intellect) and slow the target by 40% for 3 seconds.


  • Now scales from Strength or Intellect, whichever is greater.

Goodbye Kiss

  • Now deals damage based on Strength. The damage itself is now magic instead of physical.

Cat Out of the Bag

  • Summons a Cat Out of the Bag to a target location for 2 seconds that taunts enemy Heroes around making them attack him.
  • The cat disappears after 5 hits.

New Spring

  • After taking 5 hits, the Cat explodes and deals 77-676 damage (based on Intellect) to all enemies around.
  • Please note! The Cat taunts only the enemy Heroes, making them attack himself, but the explosion deals damage to all enemies in the area.


Soul Catcher / Soul Reaper

The ghosts’ mechanics was not always clear to the players.

  • The Hero’s passive ability now displays that ghosts gain defensive stats depending on the Hero’s Strength or Intellect, whichever is greater.
  • Prime for killing a ghost increased to 10.



We’ve reduced Kvasir’s basic Cunning and its growth per level to prevent him from going full Intellect and make him more tanky.

Basic stats and their growth per level changed:

  • Energy: 675 (+10) instead of 675 (+16);
  • Cunning: 52 (+0.25) instead of 54 (+0.45);
  • Agility: 54 (+0.55) instead of 53 (+0.45);
  • Speed: 50 instead of 52.

Spiced Mead

  • The effect now lasts for 5 seconds (instead of 6).

Kvasir’s Move

  • Cooldown increased to 16 seconds (instead of 15).

Hot Mead

  • Cooldown increased to 12 seconds (instead of 10).


Priestess / Healer

Mid laners’ favorite. We gave the Heroine an ability to heal more but took away some buff power instead.


  • Healing increased to 40-352 for a target and 20-176 for the Heroine herself (instead of 34-296 and 14-118 correspondingly).

Healing Sparks

  • Healing increased to 20-176 instead of 14-118.

Healing Mastery

  • If the Healing Sparks talent does not affect allied Heroes, Healer restores half of the spent Energy and the talent cooldown is reduced by half. If Sparks affect an allied Hero, even if he wasn’t the target of the talent, Energy and cooldown remain the same.

Land's Blessing

  • Distance to cast the ability reduced by ~16%.

Armor of Grace

  • Buff duration is reduced to 8 seconds (instead of 10). The ability now buffs the target of Healing only and does not affect allies whose health was restored by Sparks.

Inspiration of Grace

  • Buff duration is reduced to 8 seconds (instead of 10). The ability now buffs the target of Healing only and does not affect allies whose health was restored by Sparks.

Shield of Mercy

  • The ability no longer heals the target or reduces damage dealt by the targeted ally.



The Heroine’s alternative ultimate was not as effective as the main one.

Гиблая лоза

  • Now roots all the enemies around the Heroine for 3 seconds and disperses spores in the created area every second.
  • After that, deals 29-253 damage (based on Intellect) for every spore effect.
  • Dryad’s Agility is increased by 8-63 for 6 seconds.


Plague Doctor

A small buff to his alternative ultimate.


Deadly Poison

  • The ability now lasts for 10 seconds (instead of 8).
  • The ultimate no longer increases defensive stats, affecting Health only.
  • During the ultimate, the Hero’s Agility is increased by 4-33 (based on Strength) and his attacks reduce the cooldown of Heart Attack by 3 seconds.



Small nerfs to the Heroine.


The Curse of Time

  • Damage decreased to 31-276 (instead of 36-317)

Time Anomaly

  • Cooldown increased to 100 seconds (instead of 80).


Nymph / Maiden

Thanks to her alternative ultimate, Maiden’s defensive stats were somewhat overpowered in combination with her damage and ability to join the fight from afar.

Rainbow Defense

  • Bonus to Stamina and Will decreased to 6-87 (instead of 8-103)


Fallen Lord

Small balance adjustments.



  • Damage absorption increased in the early game and reduced in the late. It is now 22-194 damage (instead of 18-213).

Shards of War

  • The empowered attack now deals damage only to the enemies around the target. The target itself only takes damage from the main attack.


  • Cooldown increased to 130 seconds (instead of 120).

Combat Formation

  • Cooldown increased to 100 seconds (instead of 90).


Woodsman / Witch Doctor

Being a great early game laner, the Hero sometimes lost his effectiveness by the mid and late game.


  • Now additionally removes the dependence of Roots of Evil from the Native Terrain.

Fleet of Crows

  • Now additionally slows both targets by 20%.


Witch / Moira

The Heroine in the Strength build was often having a hard time versus auto attackers in the mid lane.


  • Ability's cast distance increased by ~8%
  • Familiar can now travel ~16% farther between the targets


Fay / Fairy Queen

A small buff to the Heroine.


Fairy Warriors

  • Energy Cost reduced to 120 (instead of 140)

Fairy Guardians

  • Energy Cost reduced to 95 (instead of 110)

Fairies’ Rage

  • Energy Cost reduced to 140 (instead of 150)
  • Cooldown reduced to 25 seconds (instead of 30)



Well, you get it, right?


Battle Fury

  • Agility depends on Strength or Intellect, whichever is greater.


Sesha / Blade Master

After the latest rebalance, the Hero started gradually coming back as a relevant jungler. Let's help him a little more.

Snake Venom

  • Damage from the poisoning increased to 4-35 (instead of 3-29).

Enchanted Blades

  • Life Drain increased to 4.5-53.5 (instead of 3.5-34.5)

Eye Contact

  • Duration of hypnosis increased to 3 seconds (instead of 2.5)

Seeing Through

  • The hypnotized target’s damage now increases by 50% (instead of 30%).


Since we reconsidered the cost of the exclusive talents upgrade in the last update, it’s now just seems logical to lower the cost of rare and special talents upgrade too:


Upgrade Level Upgrade Cost
  1 → 2 1 Prime Crystal
  2 → 3 1 Prime Crystal
  3 → 4 1 Prime Crystal
  4 → 5 1 Prime Crystals

We have also reworked slow and anti-control effects interaction mechanics.

Now, when an anti-control effect is active, it will reduce the effectiveness of the slowdown (its %), not its duration.


  • Fixed an issue when duration of the Disarming effect was not reduced by talents with anti-control effects.
  • Fixed a situation when Berserker’s attack empowered by Iron Precision was doing 2 points of damage instead of 1 to “fireflies” and “wards”.
  • Solved an issue which made Chronicle’s Prime-time not to work correctly in Challenge mode.
  • Fixed an issue which made Chronicle’s Aegis of Time triggered by those talents that had unlearned upgrades with a stun effect.
  • Fixed the description of clan chests. It now displays the correct number of talents.

See you on the battlefields!

Always yours,
Prime World Team