Spring metamorphosis!

23 May 2019

Lords and Ladies!

A somber forest. A teenage gang gathered by a fire. Some hold lights, queer dolls, bottles with unknown drinks and a talisman. A tall youth came up to a stump and started seating small wooden men on it. One girl, cracking under the oppressive atmosphere, gave a cry and ran away. Others came to the fire and started uttering the same phrase in a strange language. Again and again.

They put the talisman in the center of the stump and arranged candles around it. The young people joined hands and began to sing, probably in the very same unknown language.

They say the teenagers were never found, and the only survived person was the girl who escaped at the beginning of the ritual. It’s also whispered that fateful night a couple of local farmers saw an odd creature that looked like it was searching for someone. For its master, perhaps?

New class talents!

Demonologist got a new minion, and his enemies now fear him as the devil fears holy water!

Powerful Master

  • The maximum number of summoned Archons is increased by 1.

Protection Ritual

  • Demonic Shield talent now summons an Archon. Having active Archons is no longer necessary to use this talent.


New upgrades of the class abilities are waiting for you in the Library. You can find them, as all

Please note!

Only one class talent upgrade can be put in a set at a time.

Are you afraid of demons?

Always yours,
Prime World Team