Defend the frontiers!

08 May 2019

Lords and Ladies!

Battles in the Borderlands have already become a habit in Praya. But once the Touched and other enemies approach Lords’ and Ladies’ lands, every Hero is ready to go through fire and ice to protect them… Not hunger for glory or the ring of a coin, but the courage and the desire to protect civilians lead the Heroes.

Collectible skins!

More than once Officer and Patriot have distinguished themselves in action, protecting your lands. Today they are ready to come at your service again — and just for 9 gold (sure, this money will be spent on a monthly ration)!



Hero: Desperado

Price: 9 gold


Hero: S.Putnik

Price: 9 gold

Please note!

The skins are exclusive and will be available only from 12:00 (UCT+3) May 8th until 12:00 May 13th. Now's your chance, don't miss it!
Protect your lands from enemies!

Always yours,
Prime World Team