The Victory Day

08 May 2019

Lords and Ladies!

The beginning of May is a special and incomparable time. On the one hand, our souls are filled with joy as nature is waking up, the sun is shining and summer is on its way. On the other hand, sometimes, just for a moment, the body shivers. Though it's been a while since the Second World War ended, it takes much longer to recover after such a tragedy.


On the 74th anniversary of the Victory Day, we would like to send you our greetings! On this bright but bitter day we honor the participants of World War 2.

Their sacrifice and braveness will be remembered and celebrated throughout the generations to come. They are the real Heroes and Heroines!

Hurray, comrades!

Presents for all players!

On the occasion of Memorial Day, we would like to treat you with some pleasant presents!


Until 12:00 (UTC+3) May 13th complete the quest and receive valuable rewards*:

  • 1 day of Golden Age
  • 1 legendary chest!

*Presents are ‘wrapped’ in quests for your convenience, so you could take them whenever it suits you (but within the indicated time frame).

Holiday chain of tasks!

But wait, there is more! Complete the holiday chain of tasks and receive many other valuable rewards: Golden Age, white runes, legendary chests and NEW collectible legendary talent 'Star of Victory'! You might have seen it in the Collection, but now it's time to get it!





Run 10 flags up (no more than 3 per battle) in the Borderlands

1 day of Golden Age
  Get 500 achievement points in the Borderlands  15 Prime  Crystals
  Destroy 10 Towers (no more than 3 per battle) in the Borderlands  10 White runes
  Deal 100000 damage to Heroes in the Borderlands 2 Legendary chests
  Ensure 3 victories in the Borderlands Collectible talent 'Star of Victory'!

Put the new talent in your Libraries or use it as a reward for your favorite Heroes!

All Jackpots at the Fair!

Due to the celebration, merchants decided to organize a firework of Jackpots at the Fair - until 12 p.m. May 13, you will be able to find all the special offers over there, including the beloved Prime Crystals Jackpot and the rarest Champion Rune Jackpot!


Until 12 p.m. May 13 all Jackpots at the Fair!

Get rest, gather strength, and win!

Always yours,
Prime World Team