Spring metamorphosis!

08 May 2019

Lords and Ladies!

Mimi was going about his business around the castle square. Suddenly a boy of around ten appeared in his way, wearing a ridiculous but childly cute costume: “Wwww! Wwww! I’m a tewible monshter!” said the child in a threatening way, trying to scare the small animal. “I’m ve scariest.” Mimi smiled lively and ran away.

On his way back, he heard a child weeping. Turning to the castle square, he saw several teenagers gathering around the boy he already met. “Wwww! I’m a tewible monshter!” they mocked the kid. A horrific roar resounded. The boy quickly opened his eyes red with tears but didn’t see any rowdies — there was only the cute small animal smiling at him. The kid smiled back.

New class talents!

The cutest defender of Praya is ready to teach rowdies a lesson, especially with his new abilities!


  • Reduces the cooldown of Hero’s active class talents by 20%.


  • Spends 20% less Rage in the Grrr form, restores 20% more Health for every Rage spent. After leaving the form, the Hero starts accumulating Rage twice as fast.


New upgrades of the class abilities are waiting for you in the Library. You can find them, as all new upgrades, in the 5th line.

Please note!

Only one class talent upgrade can be put in a set at a time.

Ready to show the power of cuteness on the battlefield?

Always yours,
Prime World Team