Double action!

26 April 2019

Lords and Ladies!

It has been several days since the brave warriors of Praya started collecting special masks in battles. These masks will open the way to the chamber of Mystery and valuable trophies. However, in the rage of battle, some of you might have missed a few side effects of these peculiar artifacts… Fortunately, the side effects are entirely beneficial!

An aura that the masks exude performs real miracles! Due to it, simple boosting the coffers with Gold brings Prime Crystals, masks, and Golden Age! Also, Heroes’ talents have become so unstable that can be unassigned for almost half price!

Double action!

Only for three days, from 12:00 (UTC+3) April 26th until 12:00 April 29th, replenish your account and receive valuable gifts!

!Note: You will receive the gifts on April 30 till 20:00 (UTC+3), and not right after the top-up!




  from 100 to 249 gold 50 Prime crystals and 15 masks

from 250 to 499 gold

150 Prime crystals, 40 masks + 1 day of Golden Age


from 500 to 749 gold

300 Prime crystals + 80 masks + 3 days of Golden Age

from 750 to 999 gold

450 Prime crystals + 150 masks + 7 weeks of Golden Age

from 1000 to 1499 gold

600 Prime crystals + 200 masks + 14 days of Golden Age
  from 1500 gold and more 1000 Prime crystals + 400 masks + 30 days of Golden Age

Unassign talents with a discount!

  • Unassign an exclusive talent just for 5 Prime Crystals (instead of 9);
  • Unassign a legendary talent just for 5 Gold (instead of 9)!

Get a maximum benefit from the aura of masks!

Always yours,
Prime World Team