KaThanos approaches!

24 April 2019

Lords and Ladies!

The War of Prime lasts for years and seems infinite. But the end might be closer than we think...


Scouts report that Great Evil™ is coming to Praya! Mighty, terrible and OP KaThanos will enter our world any minute! *epic music increases* Primologist only knows what he is capable of! Maybe wiping half the account with one click is what he wants? *music is loader* The answer is hidden in obscurity!

But there is still hope for Praya *music stops for a moment* — YOU! *quick compilation with Heroes* When Great Evil™ is threatening Praya, the time comes to unite! To forget former resentment, to become a team!

*Off-screen voice, “Someone must stop him!”*

Unite! *bam*

Fight! *baam*

*Off-screen voice, “We will save Praya or die!”*

Don’t give up!



Full mobilization!

Saviors of Praya!


Till April 29, by common efforts collect one million Prime in battles to seal the wormholes and deny to KaThanos the access to our world. If your Heroes succeed, Earth Power will triple the battle rewards including valuable Season points and masks!

*Bam-bam-bam-bam... silence*
What are you ready to do to save Praya?


Always yours,
Prime World team