Mystic cloaks!

23 April 2019

Lords and Ladies!

The night was dark. The moonlight barely lit the path of a group of armed mercenaries. Suddenly, just a bit away from them a fleeting shadow passed. The men shivered. They knew very well a story about a mysterious girl who wears a long cloak, and whose face is hidden by a white mask. Dozens of their comrades had already perished by her hand. They feared becoming her next victims. But the warriors kept moving forward, hoping to discover the secret chamber of Mystery. It was there where, according to a rumor, they could find a trove of enchanted cloaks that would protect from her daggers.

The shadow closed in. Gurgling groans filled the darkness, followed by the sound of falling bodies. Whatever happened in that pitch black, the mercenaries' steps ceased…

Mystic cloaks!

The new action works in accordance with the familiar and well-loved mechanics, known to the players by such actions as 'Heart's Desire', 'Pirate Adventures' and ' Master of Alchemy'.

Starting from today, the rewards for battles contain special masks that will allow fearless warriors to get to the secret chamber of Mystery. As in all previous actions, the number of unique trophies depends on your courage in a battle: the more achievement points you score, the higher the possibility of receiving special masks.

Active Golden Age doubles both the number of exclusive rewards and chances of getting them.

You can check how many masks you have received in the full-screen interface in the action tub.


The ‘Mystic cloaks’ action is divided into two parts:
1. Upon collecting 20 masks, you can exchange them for one of the following rewards:

  • 3/5/10 Prime Crystals;
  • 1/3/5 Legendary Crystals;
  • 10/20/30/40/50/60 Crystal Shards;
  • The Serenity of Strength talent;
  • The Serenity of Intellect talent;
  • The Serenity of Logic talent;
  • The Serenity of Life talent;
  • The Serenity of Body talent;
  • The Serenity of Spirit talent.

2. Upon collecting 40 masks and one of the talents from the Hero's Serenity subset, you can upgrade one of the already available talents. But be careful, the Mystery is on the watch!

  • Chest with one of the talents from the Hero's Serenity subset, upgraded to 7 stars;
  • Chest with one of the talents from the Hero's Serenity subset, upgraded to 6 stars;
  • Chest with one of the talents from the Hero's Serenity subset;
  • Chest with Prime Crystals (from 50 to 70 Crystals);
  • Chest with Legendary Crystals (from 30 to 50 Crystals);
  • Bag with 30 masks;
  • Bag with 50 masks.

Detailed overview video of the new subset:



What has just moved behind your back?

Hurry up to find mystic cloaks until May 20th. This is your chance to defend yourself against the faceless shadow!  
Solve the Mystery!

Always yours,
Prime World team