Update 11.12.2

23 April 2019

Lords and Ladies!

The maintenance is over, and Heroes are ready to rush in a battle!

1. Changes in the Game Economy


In this update we have reconsidered multiple aspects of the Castle economy in accordance with the current game circumstances.

Crystal Shards and Talent Collection

Let us remind you that the Collection is a tool, aimed at helping players to figure out which talent they do not have yet to complete a set or a subset and get those 1 or 2 required talents.

It is not designed to create a perfect Hero build from scratch :)

However, considering the increased number of legendary sets and subsets since the Collection was introduced, we have reconsidered both number of received Crystal Shards and the cost of unlocking quests for obtaining some talents.


From now on, in the Tavern and Pets’ Houses the number of received Shards is doubled!

So, the Tavern with a maximum level will bring you 20 Crystal Shards per day and 40, if the Golden Age is active.

Pets' Houses with particular drop chance will bring 20 Shards.

  • Thus, you can create the necessary talents twice as fast as you could earlier!

We have also reconsidered the cost of collectible talents. Now the cost of unlocking the quest in the Collection is:

  Legendary talent Collectible Legendary talent Exclusive talent Collectible Exclusive talent
  200 Осколков 300 Shards 70 Shards

100 Shards

Cost of Upgrading Exclusive Talents

Forging a talent is just half the work, isn’t it? However, in our opinion, upgrading of exclusive talents was quite expensive, especially compared to the cost of upgrading the legendary ones.

That's we divided by two the cost of upgrading the orange talents from 1 star to 5:

  Level of upgrade Price in Prime Crystals
  1 → 2


  2 → 3 2
  3 → 4 3
  4 → 5 4

Thus, now upgrading of 1 talent will require 10 Prime Crystals instead of 20.

The price of reforging the talent takes into account the Prime Crystals, already spent for upgrading, and, therefore, together with reducing the prices for upgrading exclusive talents, we have reconsidered the cost of their reforging:

  Level of upgrade Price in Prime Crystals


  2* 4
  3* 5
  4* 6
  5* 7
  6* 15
  7* 25

Forge / Talent Garden

Also, we double the number of exclusive talents (out of 100) that can be created in the Forge / Talent Garden.

  • Now you can get 6 (12 with Golden Age) exclusive talents out of 10 created in the Forge.

The Fair

Of course, pleasant changes have been introduced to one of the crucial economic buildings in the Castle – the Fair.

Above all, they affected orange talents and chests.

  • The drop chances of exclusive talents are increased by 15%;
  • The cost of exclusive talents is reduced by half, and now is from 6 to 12 Prime Crystals (instead of 12-24);
  • The cost of exclusive chests is reduced almost by half. Now the price range makes 40-50 Prime Crystals, instead of 70-90!

In addition, the changes affected offers with resources.

Due to the fact that buildings in the Castles produce much more resources and recently the Gold price of resources was reduced, the offers at the Fair turned out to be outdated.

  • Thus, the amount of resources in the offer is increased up to 45.000, 75.000 and 120.000 resources.
  • The prices for the offers were increased respectively and now stand between 75.000 and 150.000 another resource.

Hero Strongholds

The regular buff that the Strongholds give Heroes remains attractive for Lords and Ladies with the Castles of any level.

However, considering that in Praya many things have changed since the time when Strongholds were introduced, the maximum value of the characteristics that a Hero can get has also been increased, thus, the cost of building and upgrading these buildings become outdated. What a mess!

  Level of upgrade Old Price New Price
  1 4 2
  2 4 2
  3 4 3
  4 5 3
  5 5 4
  6 6 4
  7 6 5
  8 7 5
  9 8 6
  10 9 6
  11 10 7
  12 11 7
  13 12 8
  14 13 8
  15 15 9
  16 16 9
  17 18 10
  18 20 10
  19 22 11
  20 24 12
  21 27 13
  22 30 14
  23 33 15
  24 36 17
  25 39 20
  Total: 384 210

2. Changes in the battle sessions


Probably, it is notorious that credible and up-to-date information is half the battle. The role of the source of information in the Borderlands belongs to various lanterns.

However, the placement of the lanterns on important tactic locations often was turning into a battle just due to the number of wards, which doesn’t correspond their tactic purpose. Also, it was pretty sad when brave junglers and support heroes, instead of helping their team and implementing well-thought battle strategies were just busy with placing the lanterns.


From now on, a regular lantern, as well as Magic one, can be placed by the same player just once every 30 seconds. The Dull Lantern cooldown remains the same: 60 seconds.

Along with that, we would like to make junglers’ life a bit easier, as that's usually their responsibility to place the lanterns.

  Now, upon killing junglers in a small silver pack near the river, a Glyph with a Magic lantern will appear.

Global cooldown of active talents

As you know, different groups of active talents have general recharging time – the global cooldown. It means that, after using a unique talent, for example, Breath of Life, you will have to wait for some time, before using its exclusive match – the Taste of Life talent.

For a long time, the talents were organized in groups in accordance with a subset. Thus, for example, after using ‘blink’, Heroes could not use any other talents from this subset, such as Demolition Mania or Ritual Extermination, etc.

It wasn’t always efficient in the game circumstances: some groups of talents were unclear; some others were just inconvenient. In addition, little by little, with the introduction of some amount of legendary sets and subsets, it appeared that players could just organize a build with various active talents from different sets and, thus, use them without interruptions.

So, the initial task of the global cooldown – placing limits to the instant damage dealt by procast and suggest a variety of tactics – became insufficient.


Therefore we have reconsidered groups of talents and divided them into three categories: Attacking, Protecting, and Tactic.

Talents within each group now have the global cooldown and cannot be used without a break.

Attacking Talents

Global cooldown for this group makes 25 seconds.

  Legendary Exclusive Unique and Rare
  • Stargazer’s Disgrace
  • Destroyer’s Might
  • Cry of Doom
  • Explosive Illusion
  • Treacherous Flame
  • Venomous Grasp
  • Drunk with Blood
  • Drunk with Cruelty
  • Demolition Mania
  • Ritual Extermination
  • Curse of Terror
  • Pernicious Influence
  • Legendary
  • Petrification Heart's Desire
  • Petrification
  • Curse of Curses
  • Punisher's Path
  • Beast of Prey
  • Agile Mind
  • Cunning Aspiration
  • Dark Secret
  • Omen


  • Force Fury
  • Cobra Dash
  • Earth's Grasp
  • Battle Rage
  • Mental Blade
  • Hidden Intention
  • Magic Spasm
  • Acid Missile
  • Tainted Blood
  • Focus of Forces
  • Snake's Guile
  • Deathly Phantom
  • Touch of Death

Protecting Talents

Global cooldown for this group makes 25 seconds.

  Legendary Exclusive Unique and Rare
  • Gift of Nature
  • Healing Pillar
  • Champion’s Tribute
  • Life's Path
  • Inspiring Hymn
  • Life-Giving Radiance
  • Legendary Liberation
  • Team Barrier
  • Blinding Glory
  • Indomitable Rejoicing
  • Legendary Corruption
  • Liberation
  • Forest Vigor
  • Sense of Moment
  • Source of Bonds
  • Mind Distortion
  • Aggressive Stance
  • Taste of Life
  • Spatial Distortion
  • Recovery
  • Absolute Barrier
  • Breath of Life
  • Protective Barrier
  • Mental Barrier
  • Scarlet Flower
  • Health Reserve
  • Light Step
  • Disingenuity
  • Steadfastness

Tactic Talents

Global cooldown for this group makes 10 seconds.  

  Legendary Exclusive Unique and Rare
  • Summoner of Animals
  • Falcon Eye
  • Crow Cover
  • Desperate Instant
  • Fortress Assault
  • Dense Prison
  • Brave Wanderer
  • Decisive Charge
  • Fiery Guard
  • Power of the Seer
  • Legendary Cover
  • Undying Spark
  • Dimensional Gate
  • Awakening of Life
  • Forest Composure
  • Alienation
  • Pillar of Cunning
  • Untamed Fury
  • Ghostly Embrace
  • Inner Core
  • Flexible Solutions
  • Energy Extraction
  • Love of the Land
  • Spirit Renewal
  • Clairvoyance
  • Shadow Cover
  • Hardened Traveler
  • Mysterious Light
  • Energy Reserve
  • Land Grab

Please note!

  • Such specific talent as Fury Dominance doesn't belong to any talent group.

3. New action in a full-screen interface and collectible talents subset!

Mystic cloaks are already in your Castles! Solve the Mystery secret and take the hold of a cloak, protecting from Critical Damage :) All the details of the action you can find in this bit of news. Of course, the main reward in this action will be new legendary talents.

New subset of collectible talents!

The 11.12.2 update brought to Praya new collectible subset – Hero's Serenity, which will come in handy to any Hero, but in particular, to tank builds and mid-lane Heroes.

Indeed, the subset properties of this talents allows reducing Critical Damage:

  • by 20% for 2 learned talents;
  • and by 30% for 3 learned talents!

Please note!

All Critical Damage is reduced. For example, a common attack deals 100 damage, and a critical one — х2, that is 200 damage. When the bonus for two learned talents of the subset is active, the damage will account for 200-20% = 160 damage.

Serenity of Strength

  • Required row: IV;
  • Prime-cost of learning: 825;
  • Increases Strength by 13.

Serenity of Intellect

  • Required row: IV;
  • Prime-cost of learning: 825;
  • Increases Intellect by 13.

Serenity of Logic

  • Required row: V;
  • Prime-cost of learning: 1160;
  • Increases Agility or Cunning, whichever is greater, by 19

Serenity of Life

  • Required row: V;
  • Prime-cost of learning: 1600;
  • Increases Health by 520.

Serenity of Body

  • Required row: VI;
  • Prime-cost of learning: 1600;
  • Increases Stamina by 27.

Serenity of Spirit

  • Required row: VI;
  • Prime-cost of learning: 1600;
  • Increases Will by 27.

4. Heroes Rebalance


Without further ado.

Spiced Mead

  • Health regeneration is reduced to 40-352 (instead of 48-423).
  • Effects of the reduced cooldown no longer affect Hero's passive ability.



Despite its interesting mechanics, the alternative ultimate was gathering dust in Libraries.

Demon Mark

  • Now, while the Mark is active, Hellblade becomes immune to the control effects.



A minor modification of the alternative ultimate makes it even easier to use.

Fire Vortex

  • Now you can turn off the ultimate yourself, without waiting for the end of the active period.


Plague Doctor

Hero's auto-attacking build and alternative ultimate were quite difficult to implement. We make it easier!

Protective Robe

  • Now, learning of the talent will additionally increase Hero's Health by 50-666 (based on Strength).


Bard / Muse

A small reinforcement of Heroine’s auto-attack build.

Soul Melody

  • Now increases Bard's abilities by 50% (instead of 40%).



The Heroine has pretty complex (compared to the majority of other Heroes) combinations of abilities that are unforgiving for mistakes, made by a player.

In this update, we have decided to make Tearaway's life at the lane easier :)

Stunning Throwк

  • Now the ability additionally prevents its target from using talents for 2 seconds.



Gloomy worshiper of ancient gods, after getting new class upgrades, became much stronger then we would like him to.

Ritual Strike

  • The cost of use of talent is increased to 75 (instead of 50).
  • The damage dealt by use of Prime-katar is reduced to 108-954 (instead of 114-1005).

Vow of Silence

  • The active time of the silence effect is reduced to 1.3 seconds (instead of 1.5).



Heroine’s buffs often gave her team an absolute advantage, at the same time Guardian’s gameplay remained quite patient to the mistakes.

Spirit Beacon

  • Now increases allied Heroes' characteristics by 30% less: between 2 and 27.


  • Now doubles the beacon effect, instead of triplicating it.

Test of Faith

  • Now slows enemies by 30% (instead of 40%).



One of the best Heroes for the bottom lane, he often was too efficient both for the lane stage of the game and in mass battles. Unbelievable!

Decisive Attack

  • Cost of use of the ability is increased to 60 Energy (instead of 50).
  • Cooldown is increased to 19 seconds (instead of 16).


  • Now for each effect of Heroism Wanderer will receive 0.4-4.9 protective characteristics (instead of 0.5-6.8).


Quarrier / Rumbler

One of the most signature Protectors, Rumbler could not always deal with the situation in the Borderlands. We are here to help!

Rock Hard

  • Now the damage dealt to the Hero is reduced by 20% (instead of 15%)


  • The damage is reduced to 55-472 (instead of 46-393)


  • The damage dealt by the ability is increased to 133-1136 (instead of 127-1116) and now is calculated based on maximum Health (instead of Strength)

Reactive Weight

  • The ability damage is reduced to 114-1005 (instead of 127-1116)
  • The stun time is reduced to 2 seconds (instead of 2.5)



  • Now the Season Trophies, received after getting 510 points, are displayed on the progress scale.
  • We’ve also fixed an error that prevented the visual demonstration of the progress on the scale.


  • To the description of Refresh Glyph was added information that its effect reduces the cooldown of consumable goods and items.


  • Solved an issue due to which the Magic damage inflicted by Mead stacks was reduced by the defense of the body, not the spirit.
  • Fixed an error that caused the Oak Barrel talent spill Mead also on the lanterns, located within the area of action.
  • Solved an issue due to which the slowdown caused by Mead ignored the immunity to control effects.
  • Now the cooldown of the Oak Barrel ultimate ability is displayed correctly for allies.
  • Fixed a problem when dealing damage using Mead didn’t remove the invisibility from Kvasir.
  • Solved a problem causing activation of the Spicy Mead talent, while the Hero was in a different shape.
  • We've also fixed an issue when the allied Tu´Rehu could not apply the Crushing Blows when being on Native Terrain under the effect of 4 stacks of Mead.


  • Solved a problem, which made the Clemency talent slow enemies down without learning Humbleness – the upgrade of the talent.


  • Fixed an issue that prevented the Heavy Crossbow talent from putting the Forest Symbol effect on the affected soldiers and Touched.

Transformation effects

  •  Now, Chronicle's Curse of Time doesn't work if she is under the transformation effect.
  • Now, Duelist’s Luck and Ace in the Hole can't be activated if he is under the transformation effect.
  • Woodsman’s Raging Skin can't be activated if he is under the transformation effect.

Other fixes

  • For Wanderer and Stalker, we have also added an animation that displays the use of their main ultimate right after the Heroes stop.

Always yours,
Prime World Team