Alchemic Fair!

19 April 2019

Lords and Ladies!

Doctrine has made the most astonishing alchemic discovery! If you add a little Prime to sulfuric acid, mix it with Harpy’s feathers, boletus mushrooms and a couple of rat tails, boil it thoroughly for 5 minutes, and then... threaten local merchants to pour the mixture on their counters, they will gladly ‘transform’ their ordinary goods into something truly valuable for you!

Alchemic Fair!

For three days only, from 12 p.m. UTC+3 April 19 till 12 p.m. UTC+3 April 22 – amazing (and highly profitable!) transformations at the Fair!


No resources on the shelves, only the most valuable offers – crystals, talents and chests!

And even more than that:

  • Lower price limit for all the talents is reduced by 70%
  • Lower price limit for all the chests is reduced by 50%!
  • For the first time at the Fair — “Master of Alchemy” subset!
    Despite the fact that it’s the first time the subset appears on the shelves, the discount is applied to it as well!
  • Talents to fit every taste and choice!
    Including the ‘spooky’ exclusive talents, spinners, all legendary subsets, and of course your favorite collectible talents from such subsets as ‘Blinding Glory’, ‘Pirate Adventures’, and ‘Dearest Wish’!
  • Assortment renewal for only 2000 Silver, and the slots you already purchased something from do not burn out!

Please note!

  • The jackpot was temporarily removed while this Fair is active. Its price is connected directly with the rare drop chance which – because of the unlimited assortment renewal – isn’t the case during the Alchemic Fair event.

Do not miss the benefits of alchemic transformations!

Always yours,
Prime World Team