For the whole week: additional task in the daily quests!

08 April 2019

Lords and Ladies!

Those of you who just for once happened to get to Praya know how dangerous and unfriendly it is. Loners don’t last long here. Aggressive Touched or enemy Heroes easily get rid of warriors who forget how important teamwork is. Only by fighting together you can achieve a glorious victory – and who else if not friends will take your hint and come to the rescue in time of need!

Team task in the daily quests!

From 12:00 (UTC+3), April 8th and until 12:00 April 14th, every daily quest will get an additional task that could be fulfilled only in a group of 3 and more players. It's high time to call your friends for help, isn't it?


As a reward for fulfilling the task, players will receive:

  • 1 legendary chest with talents, upgraded to 5 or more stars
  • 10 Prime Crystals

Also, an additional task of a big Saturday quest contains:

  • 1 legendary chest with talents, upgraded to 5 or more stars
  • and as many as 30 Prime Crystals!

Thus, in one week every member of your team can get 100 Prime Crystals and 8 legendary chests, containing 24 talents, upgraded to 5 or more stars, in total!

Just imagine how happy your Heroes will be about such support!

Invite your friends to Prime World — win and gather valuable rewards!

Fighting together is not only fun but also profitable! ;-)

Always yours,
Prime World Team