Hotfix installed!

02 April 2019

Lords and Ladies!

Game servers are open, and the Heroes are ready to burst into battles! And the mead is finally the right temperature...

Kvasir rebalance

Spiced mead

  • The damage Kvasir receives from other Heroes reduces the passive ability cooldown by 0.5 seconds now (instead of 1 second);
  • Fewer characteristic points are taken from the enemy Hero, who’ve received a mead debuff.  Now 2-23 (depends on Intellect) instead of 2-27 points are being taken away;
  • Fixed an error that caused Kvasir to receive Prime for Assists when the kill was made by a Hero who received a mead buff at least once in a battle;
  • The sound mead made (and every player in the battle could hear it) has been temporarily turned off.

Kvasir’s move

  • Now it will require 50 Energy to use this talent (instead of 40).

Hot mead

  • Fixed and error that caused the talent to get available for use immediately.

Over the top

  • Fixed an issue, which made it possible for Kvasir to debuff wards, fireflies and other objects with mead.

Refreshing Mead

  • Now, this talent reduces the cooldown time of Kvasir’s abilities by 0.1 seconds (instead of 0.2).

Kvasir’s defense

  • Reduced the number of defensive characteristics Kvasir and his allies got when the ultimate was used to 2-23 (from Intellect) instead of 2-27.

Now all the buffs and debuffs are being calculated on the basis of ‘pure’ Intellect, without the bonuses received from killing Kitton, Fire Drake, using Birds scroll and other effects.


This way, we had significantly (by 2 times!) increased the time needed for Kvasir to cooldown all of his abilities, and reduced the protection boosts and characteristics reduction in the late game by 15%.

Now the Hero won’t be able to survive under two Towers’ fire by spilling mead on his enemies, yet he is still capable of being an effective jungler Protector or Support Hero in the early phases of the game.

Gifts for all players!

We are very happy to bring you some awesome presents due to the beginning of the new, reworked Season! And, of course, we spiced them up a bit to provide a compensation for bringing imbalance into the game with Kvasir’s overpowered abilities.


From 12 p.m. UTC+3 April 2 and until 12 p.m. UTC+3 April 5, — enter the Castle and claim your gifts!

  • 2 days of Golden Age
  • and 5 valuable white runes!

Celebrate the beginning of the new Season!

Always by your side,
Prime World dev team