Update 11.12.1

27 March 2019

Lords and Ladies!

11.12.1 update has been installed on our servers, and the Heroes are ready for new deeds!

New Hero!

Charming Kvasir is already knocking at the Castle’s gate! Are you ready to taste his special mead as well as give the allies and enemies some?



Just as it has been with all previous Heroes, there are three ways of hiring Kvasir:

  • After completing the seven-day chain of tasks, you will be able to recruit her for 750 000 Silver. The first task in the chain will become available today at 12:00 (UTC+3), and the last one will open on the 3d of April. After completing the final task, you will get access to the quest, where you will be able to hire the Hero for Silver.
  • The standard way of recruiting Kvasir (purchase for Silver without the necessity to complete tasks) will be available for all players with 25+ Castle level, starting from the 10th of April.
  • There is an option to hire Kvasir for 299 Gold right away.

With the arrival of the new Hero, the price for recruiting Chronicle is reduced to 500 000 Silver and 199 Gold.


The victories you will win with the new Hero will not be counted in the quests from the Talent Collection tab if they have been started before the update installation.

New Seasons!

We are happy to introduce the reworked Seasons which now correspond much better to our course of giving awesome gifts for your in-game activity.

You can read more about the new tab in the full-screen UI, new rewards and Season Points here.

The Golden Age

The Golden Age was not always efficient enough for Lords and Ladies with a high or maximum Castle level. This situation was not completely supporting its concept of progress acceleration.

In the context of the Golden Age actualization for highly upgraded Castles we launched a special quest chain which is available only if you have your Golden Age activated.


The quest chain will be available till 12 p.m. UTC+3 June 21 and will consist of simple stages.

Upon completing the chain, you will receive:

  • 1080 Prime Crystals;
  • 5 Legendary chests which is equal to 15 talents upgraded to 5 or more stars;
  • 3 Season chests;
  • And even some additional Season points!

Please note:

  • If Golden Age comes to an end, you will be able to complete the last active stage of the quest. The next stage will open after you activate the Golden Age again
  • A new stage will appear every day at 12 p.m. UTC+3
  • The rewards will become more and more awesome as you progress through the quest chain :)


Fallen Lord

With his powerful shields and impressive attack range, the Hero could become a real challenge for his opponents and a key to victory for allies. That is why we decided to reduce the range of his auto attacks to the value that already proved itself on Cannoneer.

  • Hero’s attack range reduced by 15% and is now the same as Cannoneer’s.



The Heroine is rightfully considered one of the best mid laners and auto attackers in the game especially at its mid and late stages. At the same time, Raven was feeling pretty safe during the early game which allowed her to gain advantage too fast.

And so we decided to reduce the damage from her passive ability especially at the lane stage.

Warm Welcome

  • Additional damage on the first auto attack reduced to 24-301 damage (instead of 34-309);
  • Additional damage to enemy soldiers and the Touched is now 7-90 (instead of 8-77).



High damage of the passive ability and a fairly short cooldown of the ultimate allowed the Heroine to push her lane fast and start roaming on the map without losing farm and Prime advantage.

The Curse of Time

  • Damage reduced by ~12% and now is equal to 36-317 (instead of 40-352).

Time Anomaly

  • Coldown increased by 15% and now is equal to 80 sec (instead of 70).



If the Heroine chose to invest in a Strength build, it became rather difficult for her to oppose the most popular mid laners especially in the early game. That is why we improved Artiste’s damaging abilities.

Painted Beast

  • Damage increased by ~10% and now is equal to 129-1145 (instead of 117-1040).

Trampler Beast

  • The width of the Beast’s path increased by 15%.


Sesha / Blade Master

The Hero was sometimes struggling when played as a Protector in current meta. That is why we reconsidered his basic attributes as well as their growth per level.

  • Basic Strength is now 60 (instead of 58);
  • Basic Will is now 65 (instead of 61);
  • Agility growth increased by 15%.


Bard / Muse

While being a fascinating Heroine to play, she still couldn’t always keep up with other popular mid laners in earning Prime.

Battle Song

  • Cost reduced to 120 Energy (instead of 130).
  • When used outside of Native Terrain, the ability deals 5 damage (instead of 3).


Priestess / Healer

Using her alternative ultimate ability was too easy at times, and so were the team fights under its protection. That’s not how it should be.

Shield of Mercy

  • The ability no longer grants immunity to control effects.


Experienced Warrior

This legendary subset should help those Heroes who have difficulties with early trades. However, the bonus damage on Heroes and structures was slightly higher than intended.

  • The subset bonus for 2 learned talents reduced. The bonus damage on Heroes and structures is now 75 (instead of 90).


Fiery Guard

These talents are intended to provide tactical vision in the first place — not bonus damage in the lane phase. That is why we decided to remove the Firefly damage dependence on the talent upgrade.

  • Now the damage Fiery Guard deals does not grow along with the talent upgrade and is always equal to 140.


Destroyer's Might

The damage boost that this subset provides sometimes was a little bit too strong in particular situations.

  • Bonus damage to Kitton and Fire Drake reduced to 2% of maximum Health (instead of 3%).


Impenetrable Stronghold

It’s usually difficult for defensive subsets to compete with the damage ones. That is why we decided to make this subset’s bonuses much more interesting, bringing in such a way a higher build variety for Heroes.

  • Bonus for 2 leaned talents now increases Stamina or Will (whatever is greater) by 8 (instead of 7).
  • Bonus for 3 talents now grants 7% damage absorption (instead of 5%).

Curse of Terror

We also keep in mind those subsets that usually stay untouched in the Library. In particular, in 11.12.1 we completely reworked the subset of the very first legendary set — Curse of Terror.

  • The subset now has an active talent similar to well-liked ‘Agile Mind’, and other talents now can upgrade it.
  • Besides, we have updated the icons of this subset: now they reflect it much better.


Terrifying Audacity

  • Required row: I
  • Prime-cost: 350
  • Increases Strength or Intellect, whichever is greater, by 4.8
  • Reduces ‘Curse of Terror’ cooldown by 30 sec

Terrifying Tenacity

  • Required row: II
  • Prime-cost: 500
  • Increases Agility or Cunning, whichever is greater, by 7.2
  • ‘Curse of Terror’ additionally reduces the target’s health regeneration by 50%

Curse of Terror

  • Required row: III
  • Prime-cost: 675
  • Cooldown: 90 sec
  • Increases Strength or Intellect, whichever is greater, by 10
  • Slows down the first enemy on its way by 50% and increases damage they take by 15% for 4 sec
  • Can be upgraded by 2 talents of the subset

Terrifying Briskness

  • Required row: IV
  • Prime-cost: 825
  • Increases Speed by 7
  • Increases Health by 160
  • The target of ‘Curse of Terror’ is slowed by 30% more

Terrifying Fury

  • Required row: V
  • Prime-cost: 1160
  • Increases Strength or Intellect, whichever is greater, by 12
  • Increases Health by 180
  • When the ‘Curse of Terror’ is active, the target receives 15% more damage


Stable Defence

The icons of the subset are updated. Now they correspond to the subset and talents concept much more :)



Blinding Glory

It’s been long enough since the subset was released. Why not make it easier to obtain for the residents of the Castles?

  • Now you can receive talents of this subset by completing quests in the Talent Collection.


  • Cryo / Blizzard’s ultimate ‘Eternity’ now correctly interrupts Cannoneer’s talent ‘Danger From Above’;
  • Witch / Moira no longer stops attacking an enemy when she has no Energy;
  • Learning ‘Ethereal Shield’ no longer increases Arcane Wyrm / Dragonfly’s Energy incorrectly;
  • The battle stats window no longer slides out of the screen;
  • The font in the Castle and battle is the same again;
  • ‘Explosive Perseverance’ talent is now correctly placed in the Talent Collection;
  • Positive effects applied by Fanatic no longer disappear from his allies when he dies.
  • Doctrine’s abilities ‘Portion of Glue’ and ‘Disintegration’ can no longer slow and root an enemy twice. Now only the effect which slows down the most is applied.
  • If Woodsman / Witch Doctor has Glyph of Refresh, his talent ‘Raging Skin’ now correctly displays when ready.

See you in the battlefields!

Always yours,
Prime World Team