Season of the Ancients is here!

27 March 2019

Dear friends,

Meet the first reworked Season — Season of the Ancients! In this piece of news, we will tell you about the process of acquiring Season points and rewards in detail.

Season Trophies and Glory

Together with the new Seasons, we are adding two new rewards:


Season Glory

These points are direct reflection of your activity during the Season.

You can receive from 1 to 4 Season Glory points for every battle played. The Golden Age doubles their number as well as the number of other resources you receive as a battle reward.

The received Season Glory is gradually filling up the progress scale that you can find in the full-screen UI of the Seasons in your Castle.

When you acquire a certain number of Season Glory points, you will immediately receive a corresponding Season reward: Prime Crystals, legendary chests, Season chests, a flag and a Season skin.

Besides, even when the scale is full, Season Glory will continue to accumulate and move you up and up — right to the list of top players.


These are the rewards that you may get for reaching a certain place:

  • TOP 50 (places from the 1st to the 50th inclusive) — 15 Season chests
  • TOP 500 (places from the 51st to the 500th inclusive) — 7 Season chests
  • TOP 1500 (places from the 501st to the 1500th inclusive) — 5 Season chests

Get as many awesome rewards as possible — simply for your in-game activity!



Season Trophies

You can exchange Season Trophies for rewards of your choice in the Season Shop. They won’t be considered in the progress scale.

For each battle played you can also receive from 1 to 4 Season Trophies, and the active Golden Age will double their number.


This is the shop assortment we’ve prepared for you in the first reworked Season:

  • Classic ‘zero’ Season skin — Cobra;
  • Season chests with 7 legendary talents, upgraded to 5 and more stars (some of them may even be collectible!), and valuable resources (Prime Crystals, Legendary Crystals, Crystal Shards);
  • Legendary chests with talents, upgraded to 7 stars;
  • Collectible chests with talents from collectible subsets*, upgraded to 7 stars;
  • Collectible chests with talents from collectible subsets*, upgraded to 6 stars;
  • Legendary chests with talents, upgraded to 5 and more stars;
  • Some specific popular exclusive talents, upgraded to 7 stars.

*Collectible subsets include ‘Blinding Glory’, ‘Pirate Adventures’, ‘’Dearest Wish’, ‘Master of Alchemy’.



When the Season ends, your Glory points will be reset and unused Trophies will turn into exclusive talents, effective for upgrades.

Heroes’ Frames

The frames will be awarded to Heroes in the same manner as before — for the best result during the Season (except the legend ones). Here is a reminder with the rating required for getting a certain frame:





1600-1799 Bronze
1800-1999 Silver
2000+ golden
2000+ and TOP 10 at the end of the Season Legend
  • All leagues except Legend league are determined by the maximum rating achieved during the Season. This means if you achieved 1800 rating but later your Hero’s rating became, for example, 1749, your Hero will receive a Silver league frame.
  • To receive a Legend league frame, in addition to 2000+ rating, you need to make it to TOP 10 players at the moment when the Season ends.
  • If you made it to TOP 10 with a Hero but by the end of the Season you dropped to, let’s say, TOP 15, you will receive a Golden league frame for this Hero.

Heroes’ Rating

According to the results of the voting conducted in our official VK group, most of the players support the decision not to lower Heroes’ rating after the Season ends.


That’s why we won't lower it from the beginning of the reworked Seasons.

We understand your concerns about wintraders and increase in the tenacity of the high ranks, so we are ready to keep a close eye on the situation.


Dear friends, we’d like to emphasize one more time that the Season of the Ancients is the first reworked Season. We understand that dull mathematical calculations do not always comply with the real game.

That is why we will certainly follow all that’s happening and if needed make adjustments right during the Season, so that it corresponds to its concept as much as possible as well as to our course: to give you more nice and valuable rewards for in-game activity.

Before sharing your opinion and suggestions about the new Seasons and ways to improve them, please play the game for at least several weeks. After all, a Season means some long activity, and judging its work by a couple of days would be wrong.

Always yours,
Prime World Team