Kvasir's talents

27 March 2019

Charismatic Kvasir is ready to pour fresh mead in everyone’s mugs. There will be enough both for his allies and his foes!



Just as it has been with all previous Heroes, there are three ways of hiring Kvasir:

  • After completing the seven-day chain of tasks, you will be able to recruit her for 750 000 Silver. The first task in the chain will become available today at 12:00 (UTC+3), and the last one will open on the 3rd of April. After completing the final task, you will get access to the quest, where you will be able to hire the Hero for Silver.
  • The standard way of recruiting Kvasir (purchase for Silver without the necessity to complete tasks) will be available for all players with 25+ Castle level, starting from the 10th of April.
  • There is an option to hire Kvasir for 299 Gold right away.

With the arrival of the new Hero, the price for recruiting Chronicle is reduced to 500 000 Silver and 199 Gold.


The victories you will win with the new Hero will not be counted in the quests from the Talent Collection tab if they have been started before the update installation.

Kvasir’s talents

Spiced mead

Kvasir’s passive ability allows the hero to treat everyone around with his special mead. A sweet portion of mead will make allies’ health pool temporarily increase, and enemies will lose a bit of their Strength or Intellect, whatever the greater. The effect can be stacked multiple times. If Kvasir takes damage, next treat’s cooldown gets decreased.

Kvasir’s move

Hero’s first ability allows him to change position rapidly and spill mead all over the place. By activating Kvasir’s move, you will make the Hero rush towards a certain direction, dealing damage to all enemies on his way. If he hits an enemy Hero with this attack, he/she and everyone around him/her will receive a portion of mead. This ability can be used one more time after a short period of time.


Kvasir’s dexterity

Kvasir’s move upgrade increases the distance the Hero can travel with the ability being activated. What is more, if used from the Native Terrain, Kvasir will spill mead around himself right after the ability is used.

Thick mead

This passive ability provides new properties to Kvasir’s mead: it becomes able to slow enemies down and deal periodic damage to them.


Hot Mead

And the upgrade of this ability makes it active and allows the Hero to spill a bit of mead at the selected location.

Over the top

This passive ability allows the barrel on the Hero’s hammer to open up, making it possible to spill mead on the enemy during the attack.


Refreshing Mead

The upgrade of this ability will allow Kvasir to reduce the cooldown of all his active abilities, except for the ultimate one. The more mead effects are applied to the Hero or his enemy, the sooner the abilities will be ready for use.

Oak Barrel

The first ultimate ability is great for Hero’s attack build. Upon use, Kvasir spins around and deals damage to all enemies nearby. Besides, the Hero generously treats Heroes within his reach with mead, - both allied and hostile ones.


Aged mead

Ultimate’s upgrade additionally increases the quality of Kvasir’s mead and allows him to accumulate one more effect. What is more, as soon as a certain number of mead effects is reached, Hero’s enemies will get disarmed if they step on Kvasir’s Native Terrain.

Kvasir’s defense

As you can already tell from the name of the second ultimate, this ability is more suitable for a defense talent build.


By learning this passive ultimate, Kvasir will add even more useful properties to his mead. This way, the main ultimate ability will allow the drink to additionally increase his allies’ Stamina or Will, whatever the lesser, and after its upgrade is purchased with Prime, to increase the maximum number of mead effects by 1. What is more, as soon as a certain number of mead effects is reached, Kvasir’s allies will become immune to control while they are on the Native Terrain.

Prepare your mugs for the fiery hot sweet mead!

Always yours,
Prime World Team