Incredible Fair!

22 March 2019

Lords and Ladies!

Preparation for the new Season is in full swing not only for Heroes but also for blacksmiths, merchants, and others involved. New battles mean new orders, more demand, so higher supply is needed!

Merchants were thinking hard about the ways to attract more Heroes to their counters and leave the Lord pleased with their work at the same time. They decided to display chests, Jackpots, and rare collectible talents on the shelves of their shops — everything that can prove itself useful in battle to a brave warrior. But it wasn’t the end of it! They also announced discounts on legendary and exclusive talents. Besides, they decided to display chests with a set choice to please the choosiest customers!

Offers at the Fair!

Hurry up to catch these wonderful goods at the Fair: from 12 p.m. UTC+3 March 22 till 12 p.m. March 25!

  • All legendary talents at the Fair! Including ones from the ‘dragon’, ‘axes’, and ‘biscuit’ sets and others.
  • Collectible subsets on the shop's shelves! (except the last one, Master of Alchemy)
  • 50% off legendary talents! The price will be 27-40 instead of 55-80
  • 70% off exclusive talents! The price will be 3-7 instead of 12-24
  • And rare but valuable guests at the Fair — legendary and exclusive chests with particular sets! This means getting a dream build is even easier now because every such chest contains three talents from a specific set!
  • All Jackpots at the Fair!
  • And, of course, assortment renewal will cost 1000 Silver
  • Slots you already purchased something from do not burn out :)

Prepare for the reworked Seasons profitably!

Always yours,
Prime World Team