The smell of mead!

21 March 2019

Lords and Ladies!

None can resist the mead of charismatic Kvasir: no people, Heroes, or even the Touched!

And so ferocious Kitton has yielded to the charm of this marvellous smell too and grown rather soft in his cozy den. This whiskered glutton has become so relaxed that he doesn’t even notice scouts passing by. The latter took advantage of it and started making their way toward the huge cat’s treasury...

You have a unique opportunity to filch amazing treasures from under Kitton’s strong claws while he is out of action!

The smell of mead!

4 full days, from 12 p.m. UTC+3 March 21 till 12 p.m. UTC+3 March 25, a special quest chain will be available at your Castle.

A Legendary chest and valuable Crystals are waiting for their new owners!





Use 10 potions (max 5 per battle) in the Borderlands

5 Prime Crystals
  Slay 150 Touched in the Borderlands 10 Prime Crystals
  Collect 50k Prime in the Borderlands  3 Legendary  Crystals
  Destroy 6 Towers (max 2 per battle) in the Borderlands 7 Legendary Crystals
  Get 30 assists in the Borderlands Legendary chest with 3 talents upgraded to 5 and more stars!

Collect all the treasures... And don’t wake Kitton up!

Always yours,
Prime World Team