Drinks on Kvasir!

19 March 2019

Lords and Ladies!

While the Hero was busy with treating little fairies, you were attentively gazing around the tavern. It was pretty logical that Kvasir, - that’s the new Hero’s name, - won’t hide his weapon too far away.

At the corner of the hall, hidden by the bar counter’s shadow, barrels were standing in a row, - with mead, that made their brewer famous. But one of them looked unique. Gold lining in the form of honeycombs, boards soaked in protective composition...

Kvasir saw where you were looking at and nodded, smiling. Barrel Hammer - that’s the weapon he uses on the battlefield, treating both his allies and foes with his special mead.

We congratulate Lords and Ladies, who managed to guess what does the Hero fight with, cause they will receive the Hero the day he arrives to Praya!

In order to receive the prize, please write your nickname via personal message to our official Facebook page.

By the way, as a reward for your poignant wit, the Hero told you a little bit about his abilities!

Since his mead is special, filled with Prime at a certain extent, it affects people differently. Allies will receive a bonus to their maximum Health pool, and in combination with another Kvasir’s skill provide immunity to control for a short while. And Hero’s foes will suffer a lot!

Covered in mead, enemy Heroes and soldiers will receive periodic damage, get slowed down, and in certain situations, may even get disarmed! What do you think of this amazing mead?

Always yours,
Prime World Team