Reworked Seasons: let’s talk about the rewards!

14 March 2019


The reworked Seasons will soon begin. And we are ready to tell you a bit more about the upcoming changes :)

But before we spill some fresh tea about Season rewards and goods at the Season Shop, we want to say a few words about what we’ve already announced in the previous post about the reworked Seasons.

Rating’s fate

In the previous announcement, we asked you what you think about 2 different options regarding rating in the game. We received a lot of feedback, and we are thinking that the best change to make is to get rid of the Season rating drop.

We are still waiting for more comments regarding this matter from you, so if you want to share your opinion with us, please do so until 12 p.m. UTC+3 March 18. We wish to make the alteration that can make you, our dear players, happy, so do not stand aside!

Season rewards

As we’ve already written in the previous news post regarding reworked Seasons, most of the rewards for the Season achievements will now be given to you not once in 3 months, but as soon as you collect enough Season Points.


The biggest prize you can get per Season are:

  • Season skin
  • Season frames
  • Season flag
  • 1050 Prime Crystals
  • 5 legendary chests, which is equal to 15 talents, already upgraded to 5 or more stars!
  • and 3 special Season chests!

Season chests are a new, yet a very cool type of chests. Inside each one of them, you can find 7 legendary talents, upgraded to 5 or more stars, and different valuable resources, such as Prime Crystals, Legendary Crystals, and Crystal Shards.

Please note!

This list does not include the new pleasant offers from the Season Shop. But you can read about them a bit lower :)




A few words about frames!

We decided to let go of the idea of Season frames and leave a single one, but very epic look for all of the future Seasons. We did it to help players stop getting confused in their expectations of allies’ and enemies’ performance: there are quite a lot of frames in the game at the moment, and it is not easy to distinguish one from another fast enough sometimes. We decided to make your life easier and stop making up new frames, in which you can get lost sooner or later, and unify the look of the frames once and forever.

Just take a look at these gorgeous baroque frames our artists prepared for the upcoming Seasons! They will look great around your beloved Heroes’ portraits!


Please note!

Frames can become more prestige, meaning that a Silver one can become Gold one thanks to your improved performance in the next season, but not vice versa. If your performance becomes worse, the frame’s grade won’t fall lower. The principle of receiving frames will remain the same and depend on the rating you achieve during a Season.


Each new Season will continue to bring a new Season skin to the game as it has always been previously. And this fiery, terrifying skin for Fanatic is waiting for you in the upcoming season!

We would like to point this out separately - you will receive the skin for being active during the Season, not for reaching a certain rank!


And those, who will eventually become top tier players, judging on their activity during the season, will receive a few valuable Season chests, of which we’ve told you before:

  • Top 50 (1-50) — 15 Season Chests
  • Top 500 (51-500) — 7 Season Chests
  • Top 1500 (501-1500) — 5 Season Chests

You will be able to take a look at how is your progress going in a separate ‘Seasons’ tab in the full-screen UI.

Season Shop

And above all the enlisted rewards you can receive for simply being active, a special Season Shop will be waiting for you in the new tab of the full-screen UI.

You will be able to exchange Season points on various useful and desirable goods of choice in it!


Among them, you will be able to find:

  • Collectible chests with talents, already upgraded to 5 and more stars;
  • Specific exclusive and legendary talents, upgraded to 6 or 7 stars;
  • Legendary chests with talents, upgraded to 5 and more stars;
  • Wonderous Season chests!

And the last in the list, but not the least news!

After almost any Season, we received an overwhelming amount of messages from players about the fact that they were unable to obtain the desirable collectible skin due to lack of just a few rating points. This situation made many people upset and we decided that we should introduce an opportunity for you to purchase old Season skins for activity points right in the Season Shop!

Do you want to own a full collection of in-game skins?

Share your opinions in the comment section!

Reworked Seasons are coming soon!

Always yours,
Prime World Team